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A Narrative Essay

Can You Write a Narrative Essay?

Little compares to a well-written narrative, whether it is presented in the form of story-telling, a book or an essay. The purpose of narrative writing is to transport an audience to another place with the way you describe a situation or circumstance.

A narrative project gives the writer an opportunity to describe oneself and one’s experiences. A key characteristic of narrative writing is setting the stage or scene for your audience.

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If you are tasked with a narrative assignment and you are wondering what to write an essay about, you should recount your experiences in story-telling form. The main features of narrative writing are:

  • The opportunity to transport readers through timeless experiences;
  • You can base your narrative story or essay on the experiences of others as well as your own;
  • In addition to it being an opportunity to tell a story, one also gets chance to convey their thoughts, ideas and any lessons that have been learnt through narrative writing.

There are a number of stages to take into account in order to write a narrative essay well:

To start with, you need to decide what to write an essay about by identifying a particular situation or experience and why it is significant to you. Then, draft your recollections of that experience or situation from memory and try to structure it into an outline, on which you can then continue to develop your thoughts.

From there, you can use the outline to expand your thoughts on the subject. It is important you pay careful attention to details and descriptions you provide in your essay writing paper so that your experience becomes vivid to your reader. Put yourself in the shoes of your reader if you want your work to make interesting reading.

You can make your narrative more effective by beginning with an introduction of the subject matter and an explanation of its significance. This way, as with all university essays, you will capture the interest of your readership so that they will be eager to learn more.    

In any case, there are other techniques you can employ. For instance, you could begin your essay writing paper with a narrative and, towards the end, add a section outlining the significance of your subject matter. Or, you can introduce your subject matter at the outset but refrain from describing its significance until the end.      

The final stage of your custom work is reviewing and editing it. You could invite selected friends or family members to read your work and provide feedback. Their impression may be that more details are required here and there for clarification, or they may suggest you delete irrelevant details that detract from its value and are distracting.  Revise it a final time to ensure perfection.

We trust these tips will help you create a narrative essay in an effective way. However, if you need any further help writing an essay, we are available and online 24x7 for your convenience. We can help you develop all manner of custom papers, review any existing work you have done or write a new paper completely from scratch for you.

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