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Our Affiliate Program as the Way of Balancing Your Budget

Our online company occupies a prominent place in the writing area. It is renowned for providing its clients with outstanding services that help them succeed in their educational endeavors. In order to expand our customer base and offer more beneficial features to our existing users, we have decided to develop an affiliate program by joining which our clients will be able to earn money. It should be stated that our affiliate program is one of the means of expressing our genuine appreciation to everyone purchasing papers from us. By participating in our referral scheme, you will get an opportunity to generate some income. Thus, you will be able to buy any types of assignments from our online writing company.

If you intend to become one of our affiliates, you should be aware of the specifics of the process. To begin with, you will be required to tell your friends, relatives, classmates, acquaintances and others about our agency and the spectrum of services it provides. If you achieve success in conducting your promotional campaign, you will be provided with superior cash bonuses which you will be able to spend on buying your assignments from us. Let us agree that it is an amazing offer.

Rewards from Our Affiliate Program

A 10% bonus is what you will be provided with if you lead a successful promo campaign and attract new clients to us. Let us explain. The said bonus will be given to you as soon as a new customer orders their first paper from our company on your recommendation.

A 17% discount is what each new client will get once they use the promo code which you have shared with them when promoting our services.

What to Do to Join Our Affiliate Program?


Access your personal online account and go to the “Affiliate Program” section.


The user getting your email will be provided with both a unique promo code and a complete description of the way our company works and the services it offers.


Browse the section carefully and pay close attention to such elements as a promo code, special form for sending emails*, and the link taking users to our affiliate program.


As soon as the mentioned promo code is applied, the discount will be granted.


Copy the link and send it to your friends, classmates, and anyone who you think may succeed with the help of our online services.


The system will recognize you with the purpose of avoiding the use of the same code a few times.

*The field "My friends’ emails" is used to enter the emails of the people whom you want to invite to use our services. These can be your friends, relatives or anyone who may benefit from utilizing the services provided by our agency.

Advantages Offered to Our Customers

300 words per page instead of 275
VIP Services
Affiliate Program
Discount System
Free Revisions (on demand)

You will get awesome bonuses for everyone who will use our services on your advice. To be more precise, you will be informed about getting a 10% bonus once a new client makes an order at Essays-Experts.com.

The bonuses which you earn can be accumulated in your personal account at our site and used to pay for your writing projects. Please note that you can buy research papers, blog articles, essays, or any other papers with the help of your bonuses.

Moreover, your bonuses can be withdrawn via such systems as PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Do not hesitate to contact us! You will get a chance to not only receive top-notch writing projects but also earn money!

Ways of Promoting Our Services and Becoming Our Affiliate

Social accounts

Place links to our site in your social accounts. Such social applications as Viber / Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp can be used for promotion.


Find out how to promote your discount code with the help of YouTube. To promote your code, you need to create a special YouTube channel.

Business cards

One of the ways of becoming our affiliate is printing business cards and distributing them among your friends.

Discount code

Earn cash by sending your discount code via email to anyone after signing up for our affiliate program.

Promo code

Share a special promo code or a referral link with your friends. Once they click the link, they will join our referral program.


Everyone who desires to improve their financial standing can benefit from joining our affiliate program.

Affiliate program


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Your friend gets a 17% discount on the first order


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