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Essay Writing Tips and Prompts

Essay Writing Tips and Prompts

Writing a personal essay is an important part of the college application process. In this essay, you can show your unique voice, reveal your personality, and tell your story. For colleges, a personal essay is also important as it helps to assess your creativity, personal abilities, and academic skills. It also allows the admission officers to see your outlook on life in the shape of your values, preferences, and the way of thinking. To prove that you perfectly fit into the college which you’re applying for and that this college perfectly suits you, make your personal essay successful!

Colledge Essay Writing Tips

    • Tell Your Story
    • It may seem to be common advice, but it’s a good one. Make your essay unique and authentic. Admission officers will certainly feel that you’re genuinely telling about your feelings.

When choosing a topic, consider some of the following tips:

Share a story about your talent, interest, background or anything that is really meaningful to you. Don’t hesitate to write about your failure and tell how it affected you and what you’ve learnt from it. Tell how you challenged a common idea or belief and how others reacted to it. Write about an issue you would like to solve or a problem you’ve actually solved. You may choose anything from an ethical dilemma to an intellectual challenge. Say why this issue is important to you and explain how you would or did find a solution to it. Tell about an event or accomplishment of yours that marked your shift from childhood to adulthood.

  • Write with a Focus
  • Don’t just tell about some part of your life. Focus on a special piece of information instead. Give the details about it and let your reader know as much as you can within a single essay. Answer the Question Make sure that you’re answering the question asked in your essay. It’ll make your essay easy to read and understand.

  • Don’t Use a Thesaurus
  • Believe me, your huge vocabulary stock won’t impress the admission officers. In fact, if you successfully carry your message in a concise and simple way, you will appear to be a much more sophisticated and intelligent writer. So, learn to cut the heart of a complicated issue and give it in simple terms.

  • Read Your Essay Aloud to Someone
  • When you read it out loud, you may notice more mistakes and awkward phrases. When you read it out loud to someone else, you double the chance to fix all of these errors. After that, you’ll have a well-written essay that communicates a clear message.

  • Find a Proofreader
  • It’s a good idea to give your essay to somebody to take a look at it with fresh eyes and catch the mistakes that slipped away from you. Make sure that this person is the one who knows you well and may help you preserve your own voice in the essay.

Good luck with your application essay!

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