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Tools that Simplify Academic Research

Tools that Simplify Academic Research

Nowadays, people benefit from numerous useful technologies. With an impetuous leap being made in the technological field and a swift increase in awareness, we have become able to quickly and easily get the necessary information for our research and academic papers with the help of multiple innovative tools. Moreover, the availability of such tools for academic research has developed the total dynamics of research itself. Finally, the hassle of citation and putting footnotes is over. Here is a list of several useful tools which make the academic research much easier than it was before.

  • Ever Note

  • This tool is a great organizer of all the files and notes. Ever Note helps systematize your work and keep it well-managed.

  • Google Scholar
  • This tool is a search engine based only on academic publications and provides an opportunity to search scholarly literature. With the help of Google Scholar, you can easily find any kind of academic book, thesis, author or any academic website.

  • Mendeley
  • This is a free academic social network which manages references. Mendeley keeps the user updated on the recent researches and offers interaction with other users.

  • Bib Me
  • This tool provides free Citation and Bibliography making. Bib Me supports APA, MLA, Chicago and Turabian academic formats.

  • Drop Box
  • This free software provides an opportunity to easily share and store documents, videos and images. Besides, Drop Box serves as an online backup service.

  • Zotero
  • This great tool is designed to help you manage all the research related data. Zotero provides on-line synchronization and web browsing. It also generates bibliographies, citations and footnotes.

  • Instagrok
  • This is educational software designed for children to research on multiple academic topics. Instagrok offers an innovative, interactive and engaging mode of teaching.

  • Scrivener
  • This tool helps create big and complex documents. Scrivener is free and offers its users many formatting options.

  • Qiqqa
  • This tool is a free research and reference manager. Qiqqa is a brainstorming tool which integrates with BibTex/LaTex, Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010 and XP. The tool automatically generates bibliographies and citations in various academic styles.

  • Endnote
  • This free tool for students publishes and manages bibliography. With its wide syncing capabilities, user becomes able to access his documents on his smart phone, laptop or online from any place.

  • Knight Cite
  • This tool is a web-based citation generator which provides students with the formatting of citations and bibliographies in various academic formats.

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