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According to the survey that was held in 1981 and 2001 years, children at the age from 5 to 18 consult general practitioners in most cases because of the respiratory problems (European Respiratory Society, 2017). They constitute 25 % of all medical ...
Depression is a mental disorder that causes the affected parties to have a poor concentration, bad moods, and feelings of guilt as well as reduced self-esteem. Nobody is immune from it. Depression can happen to anyone, irrespectively of age, gender, ...
An error is defined as a failure to follow the set plan of actions or an inappropriate use of the strategy in order to achieve a goal. Humans tend to be fallible and, as a result, they are prone to making mistakes whether as doctors, bankers or ...
Nowadays, health care plays a vital role in the whole world. Global health is an area of practice, research, and study that puts a priority on gaining equality in health care for all people around the globe and improving healthcare services. ...

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