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Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois were leaders of the black people and both of them wanted to help black people to achieve economic and social progress. However, their approaches to this problem were radically different. Washington agitated ...
Abstract Theories of globalization by William I Robinson are an in- depth analysis of the question of globalization. The article delves into various issues and thus is sub- divided into several topical segments including the theory and rise of ...
After Puerto Rico became the part of the US, the fist Regiment of Infantry was created. However, the 65th Infantry Regiment, or Borinqueeners, was the most prominent Puerto Rican military unit engaged in two World Wars and the Korean War. Although ...
Historically, the Act concerning religion, commonly known as the Maryland Toleration Act was adopted on April 21, 1649. However, the origin of this act goes back to 1634, when a group of Catholics came to Maryland in order to collaborate with the ...

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