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«Sociological Forces» - Great Essay Sample

«Sociological Forces»

The sociological forces that have generated the controversy over same-sex marriages and civil unions in the United States.

According to the Times, the vast majority of American citizens support the same–sex marriages over the civil unions. The current statistics shows that the ration is higher in the position of those who support such unions rather than those who oppose such relationships. In order to see the difference in perceptions of these two types of marriages, it is important to understand the meanings of the terms “same-sex marriage” and “civil union”.

Based on the findings, “Same-sex marriage means legitimate matrimony flanked by people of similar gender”, whereas, the term “civil union” means a group of the legislative act that was signed in order to encompass the civil rights to the couples of the same-sex”. In addition, such civil rights are acknowledged merely in the state where these same-sex couples live. Therefore, the difference of these two types of marriage lies in the federal benefits for the government that protects such unions (Levenson, Carstensen & Gottman, 1993).

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According to the General Accounting Office (GAO), more than a thousand of the civil rights protect the citizens of the United States in such marriages. The spheres of the welfares comprise social security, health and medical insurance, taxes, savings on retirement, retirement income, family leave, and finally, the migration laws and regulations. However, any partnerships of the same sex are obliged by the federal taxes including both male and female couples.

There is an opposite point of view where the same-sex marriages are recognized but restricted and considered eligible only on the federal state levels. Based on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), “Either legislatively or judicially, same-sex marriage is considered to be legal only in seven states”. The rest of the states can let such civil unions exist only if they are beneficial for the government. The findings of the lawful terms claim that the marriage can be considered constitutionally legitimate only if there is a man and a woman. Consequently, such unions cannot be considered legal in other states and such conditions cause different problems to the federal legislation and the United States as a whole. The federal recognition of the same-sex marriage could be valid only in case there is a social benefit for the state (Hull, 2006).

The consequences of these unions on the society and how this will result in further social change.

The society does not accept the same-sex marriage in a normal way and considers it unconventional for various consequences that are present today and could take place in the future. The areas that such a state of affairs could project are the problems in the age of people and their education, ideology and religious beliefs as well as the attitude to other people in terms of morality and traditions. With this, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) still addresses the issues of the definition of marriage to the federal government and the Supreme Court of the United States. The aim is to find the ways to combine the aspects of morality and the feelings of homosexual relations (Bernstein, 2002).

The understanding of ideology of various people is hard to explain and this occurs to be different for the people with the other sexual nature along with their commitment. In all, such acts of the same-sex marriages can expose the negative impact on the society. The aspects of considerations refer to the “spiritual, sociological, political, and finally medical consequences of the homosexual sex”. At the same time, it is a debate about the meaning of love for such homosexual unions (Levenson, Carstensen & Gottman, 1993).

The contemporary media channels all over the world comprehend different areas of impact on people such as the overall understanding and the meaning of the marriage. There are equal perceptions that a conventional marriage is only about men and women, whereas in the given scenario, this trend has a different sense. In addition, the lesbian or gay marriage could have negative implication for the children. Such a tendency ruins the idea of having sex in order to prolong the existence of people. From now on, the understanding of the same-sex couples breaks this perception in the favor of pleasure (Bernstein, 2002).

Besides, if to consider the gay or lesbian family, this turns out to be globally poor for the society as a whole. It happens to be that the standard families have problems; it is hard to predict the consequences of the families who are of different gender. Furthermore, such an approach to the marriage breaks the health and care for the longevity of the society (Hull, 2006).

To conclude, the marriage between males and females is a disaster for the spiritual understanding of the human nature. However, this understanding of such relations is the matter of belief for different people. In all, the governmental aspects as well as the legal implications cause various problems on the way to prosperity and soul of the nations. Many Americans deliberate towards the existence of such marriages but still there are no strong legislative definitions. The overall social conflict is becoming worse for the reason of the abortion and inability to have children for the people of the same gender.

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In summary, it is pursued that the same-sex marriages could cause lots of harm to the American citizens. This also considers the standard heterosexual couples and their marriages for the future. The political implications also have strong perceptions towards the legal issues and it can have a negative meaning for the average marriages. People should choose themselves whether to maintain the traditional roles of a marriage or choose the gay and lesbian record. In conclusion, both sexually and non-sexually of people could be illustrated in all kinds of marriages, the thing is to live the life and make the society strong where possible.


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