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Essay about the Most Embarrassing Moment in Your Life

Essay about the Most Embarrassing Moment in Your Life

Very often students need to choose some interesting and unusual topic for writing an essay. Many themes seem too boring. You can write a paper about some unusual incident, for example, an essay about the most embarrassing moment in life.

Birthday of Best Friend

This story happened to one guy many years ago. In those days, there were no mobile phones, and even landlines could not be found everywhere. The main character of this story was a teenager and a schoolchild. Johnny was a cheerful and friendly boy. He had many friends. His best friend was Tom.

One day, Tom invited John to a party on his birthday. John was very happy about this and wanted to buy an expensive gift to a friend, money for which he had been saving for several months. However, the main character had one problem – he did not remember the dates. Because of this, an awkward situation happened.

The Most Embarrassing Situation

On October 22, Johnny went to the store to choose a gift for a friend, while all the classmates had already gathered in Tom's house and celebrated his birthday. The fact is that the boy confused the dates and decided that his friend's birthday party would be on October 23.The next day John went to Tom's house. It seemed strange to him that there was no signs of a holiday and a party. His friend’s mom welcomed him and immediately expressed her surprise, asking why he did not come yesterday. John did not understand what she was talking about. Suddenly his friend came and asked: "Why did not you come to my party yesterday?" Then Johnny realized that he had just confused the dates, he became very uncomfortable. He explained everything to Tom and presented a gift. His friend did not take offense at John. He gave him a piece of cake from yesterday's party. After that, the boy went home, not suspecting anything, but the next morning this story continued.

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The next day the protagonist of this story felt embarrassed again. When John came to school, he heard laughter from everywhere and understood that it was related to him. It turns out that Tom talked about the situation that happened yesterday to all their school friends and everyone was laughing at John. Johnny was not very pleased and even a little sad. Nevertheless, soon, having calmed down, the boy decided to write down important events in a notebook, in order not to repeat such situation one more time.

Awkward Occasions as the Most Interesting Topics

If you have the opportunity to choose any topic for your essay, write about something funny and unusual. For sure, such text will necessarily make a positive impression on all your readers. Every day students write a lot of essays about science and different moral values, professors are very bored to read these similar works. Bring something new and vivid to your writing style and get good marks.

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