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Issues of Animal Extinction and the Way to Overcome It

Issues of Animal Extinction and the Way to Overcome It

Animal extinction has been a serious problem for many decades already. However, even today, not all people understand its severity and do not consider it a threat to the well-being of the world community. For this reason, the current animal extinction essay will try to explain the importance of this problem for humanity, as well as consider points of both sides of the argument.

There are different arguments for and against animal protection. In this essay on extinction of animals, we will be looking at some of the strongest of them. The first argument for animal protection is based on the notion of “biodiversity.” This term is based on the statement that there are different biological species in the world and they should live without intervention from the side of a human being. However, considering that people influence the environment to the great extent, different animals experience negative results of such intervention and soon may be classed as endangered. In this way, natural balance is disrupted, which may lead to complete destruction of the entire environmental system. This is the reason why animals should be protected.  

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The other argument for the protection of animals is based on the function they perform in nature. From the biological point of view, there are many animals and plants that are very important for proper functioning of the ecosystem and that are on the verge of extinction. If the properties of such species are not investigated to the fullest, there is a possibility that humanity will lose the chance to find cure for such diseases as cancer. As a result, protection of these species is of utmost importance for humanity.

On the contrary, the argument against animal protection is mostly connected with the financial side of the issue. Some people claim that great finances are spent on researches and preservation of animals, which does not have any positive effect on the world community. Besides, they argue that measures taken for the preservation of different species negatively influence farming, as well as local industries.

Nevertheless, these statements are not completely true because farmers tend to cause more harm to the environment than animal preservation programs. It is especially true for those cases where illegal and dangerous substances are used for taking crops. Besides, it can be stated against the argument “Animal preservation is not financially beneficial” that this activity is widely used to attract costs. Ecotourism is a wide-spread attraction, which brings much money to the world economy and is based on taking people to see animals that are under human protection. 

As it is obvious from this extinction of animals essay, the issue of animals protection still remains controversial even though its positive effects tend to outweigh the negative ones. The protected ecosystem is the first way to improving the health and well-being of the world community. Consequently, animal protection is an extremely important activity and it has to be taken seriously at both individual and governmental levels throughout the world.

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