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Essay About Life and Friendship – Exemplification Essay

Essay About Life and Friendship – Exemplification Essay


Life is so precious and exciting due to the fact that we have somebody to rely on, to go out and paint the town red, or to pour the heart out and this is what is called friendship. Friendship is a multifaceted and indispensable part of life and there are examples to illustrate this issue.

Explaining the Notion of Friendship

Friendship occurs when two people meet and through a meticulous and exciting process of getting to know each other find out that they are on the same wavelength. Friendship is about genuine communication between people, about respect and care, being always there for each other when life brings hardships and obstacles to tackle. So, being a friend to somebody has much deeper meaning than taking selfies together, posting it to social medias, or going out and getting drunk; it is about having solid support, someone with whom even getting through the hardest ordeal will be easier. Actually, friendship is about acts that confirm kind and benevolent motives of a true friend.

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Gratuitous Deeds

The vivid example of the genuine friendship could be found in the example of a young man who had lost his job and on the same day he had the painful break-up with his girlfriend. As a result of that turn of events, the man was left without support, finances, and also house as his ex-girlfriend insisted on his moving out. However, he got saved by his colleague from work who offered to stay in his apartment until the poor guy would find the way out of the difficult situation. That colleague showed his kindness and helpfulness, which deserves the praise.

Acts for the Sake of the other Person

The example of another young man who saw several times his best friend's wife kissing another man in front of the same hotel entrance. Being not willing to approach his best friend straight away and reveal the truth as it could ruin their friendship, the man decided to organize the meeting with his best friend in that hotel’s restaurant when the next meeting of his wife was supposed to be. Eventually, the guy saw with his own eyes the wife and the stranger kissing, so in such a way the friendship was saved and the truth was told.

“Lending” without Getting it Back

It is a typical situation for good friends, neighbors, or students in dorms. For example, one guy keeps coming to his neighbor, with whom he is in good terms, in order to borrow some bread or a pan, or cough drops and she always lends him stuff as she believes that when she will be in need of something like that, her neighbor won’t refuse. Even though it is highly likely that the girl won’t get the borrowed things back, it is implied that one act of kindness will be answered with the same act of kindness when the friends will need it.


There is the abundance of examples of genuine friendship in real-life; the examples which show that having a real friend is paramount and invaluable. Everybody can think of precious and moving moments of true friendship from his or her life, which proves that as long as we live, we will need our friends.

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