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Mother and Son Relationship in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

Mother and Son Relationship in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

The problems in this relationship started to arise when Hamlet’s mother married Claudius just a few months after his father had passed away. This marriage became the starting point of all the problems between the two. This rapid decision scared Hamlet. Despite this offence, he did not want to hurt his mother.  Hamlet was approached by his father’s ghost that asked to revenge Claudius.  Therefore, Hamlet planned to take vengeance on his uncle, who almost ruined their family.

Regardless of all, Hamlet had a deep feeling of love for his mother, which did not contradict his promise to the father’s ghost to take revenge. Though the marriage only two months after the funeral was too quick, the son’s love did not disappear totally. He still mourned during the wedding, which he showed by not changing his mourning clothes. Hamlet also refused to take part in any celebrations. It shows his affection for his father and frustration with mother’s decision.

In spite of all, the relationship between the two remained extremely warm. In all situations, Hamlet showed respect for his mother’s ideals. At one point of life, after the death of his father, Hamlet’s attitude towards women started to change. William Shakespeare tried to show how the attitude could have changed due to life circumstances. Hamlet was never brutal to his mother, but still tried to physically oppose some of her steps. Hamlet restricted his mother from any sexual relations with Claudius. He would never accept this man as his new father, and therefore wanted his mother to remain faithful to his father.

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Concluding the above-mentioned, we should stress that throughout the whole story the relationship between the mother and the son remained warm and loving. He did not support some of her mother’s decisions, like marriage and celebration only a few months after his father’s death, but still loved her despite everything. Hamlet’s priority was to take vengeance on Claudius for his father’s death, though he did not wish to lose his mother due to this decision.


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