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Life-Changing Event Essay

Life-Changing Event Essay

The life is unexpected. Every day you encounter something new and have no idea what awaits you the next second. Even if you think you are living a pedestrian life, you are terribly wrong – every minute of the existence is unique and can be described in tiniest details. All that you need is the necessary approach. Recently, college professors have tried a new task for essay-writing assignments – students have to describe and even that moved their lives to some extent. As the result, the new task surprised them so much that coming up with a decent essay, even for an experienced writer was a huge problem. Narrative essay is usually not a big deal, however, in this particular situation, it may seem difficult to compose the essay. Luckily, here are some valuable tips that will help you to describe an event that changed your life.

Planning Your Narrative Essay on Life-Changing Event

People are not used to describing their own experience. Usually, they perceive things critically, analyze the situation and write what they think about it, giving various suggestions. When it comes to putting your own life on a paper, some students simply cannot talk about themselves critically. For this reason, there is a special structure, by following which you will finish your essay in time and in a proper manner.

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Your main task is to make a correct beginning and make the reader want to continue reading. Briefly, describe the situation and finish the paragraph with the most important sentence of the essay – thesis statement. The last sentence of the essay should be filled with the most sense, and at the same time not reveal the entire situation.

Main Body

For the narrative essay, the structure of the main body can be completely various. First of all, you may describe the life-changing event using reasoning or situation patterns. Also, you can mix the structures to make it more versatile and come up with argument-reasoning or situation-argument approach. Another variant of coming up with the content is first describing the facts and making their analysis afterward. This lets the readers get fully absorbed into a situation and make their own conclusions. After that, they have an opportunity to compare their suggestions with the ones that you have made. As it has already been mentioned, the thesis is a powerful means of benefiting your essay. You may refer to it throughout the main paragraphs and simply add your arguments that will support its main direction. Be sure you use examples as you slowly go through the body.


Finally, your last paragraph should reflect the result of your story and sum up everything said previously. Be sure you do not include any additional information, but just briefly tell about all the mentioned facts. Your story is definitely unique and just needs to be designed and formatted in a peculiar way. After finishing, check everything one more time and proofread the story. Eradicate all the spelling and punctuation mistakes to make your essay immaculate.

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