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«Arte/Scienza Paper» - Great Essay Sample

«Arte/Scienza Paper»

The problem solving process is a complex phenomenon that consists of four stages: defining the issue, generating alternatives, evaluation and implementation of the solution. Every stage of this process presupposes creativity and strategic thinking that will help to find a solution to the problem efficiently. Creativity demands perspiration, incubation, distillation, evaluation, clarification and inspiration. The creative process demands time and inspiring ideas to implement. One can say that the problem solving and creative processes are interrelated and interdependent. First of all, they complete each other: the problem solving process includes a creative strategy, and the creative process can also solve any issue.

This essay extends to explain the differences and similarities between the problem solving and creative processes referring to “Arte/Scienza”,the chapter from the book How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci,and the book The Go-Getter.

Differences and Similarities between Problem Solving and the Creative Process

At first glance, problem solving is absolutely different from the creative process. However, both processes have certain similarities and differences. Taking into consideration the book How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci, one can say that the whole book is built on these processes. Leonardo da Vinci presents the term “arte/scienza” that proves the unity of the logics and art. “Arte/scienza” is the balance between logic and imagination, science and art. Another term referring to da Vinci’s genius is “whole-brain” thinking. It becomes evident that when presenting this notion, Leonardo da Vinci wanted to show that it was not enough to think and act only according to the art and inspiration principles as well as only according to the rational and logical ideas. As a result, the problem solving process is always related to science, the creative process and art. However, such a stereotypical type of thinking was violated by Leonardo da Vinci.

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It is not efficient to separate art and science as this can lead to incompleteness of any of these fields. The main differences between the problem solving and the creative processes concern the ways of presenting these operations. Problem solving should be logic, consecutive, well-planned and well-organized. Spontaneity can not be beneficial as making serious decisions demands responding actions and feelings. The creative process, on the other hand, can be inspiring, spontaneous, playful and artistic. Another difference concerns emotions demanded by these operations. Problem solving requires seriousness, determinacy and strategic and logical thinking. The creative process, in turn, demands inspiration, enjoyment and spontaneity. It does not follow the laws of logics.

The similarity between the problem solving and the creative processes is that both operations demand whole brain-thinking. The balance between them is more than mental. There is energy between these fields that is taken from planning and everyday thinking. Mind mapping is the method that united art and science as both fields should generate and organize ideas. Mind mapping is logical as well as creative. One can apply it in interpersonal problem solving, daily planning and personal goal setting. Being a balanced thinker means using mind mapping.

The balance between the problem solving and creative processes will be efficient at work. Moreover, success will be evident in those people who are able to balance “arte” and “scienza”, planning and improvisation, seriousness and play, analysis and intuition. All people are different; therefore, some are serious and analytical, others are spontaneous, playful and intuitive. As a result, one can divide them into improvisers and planners. For improvisers, a creative process is a necessity that does not provoke difficulties. For planners, decision-making is easy and available. However, both groups of people should balance between these two techniques.

A person needs time, efforts, desire and motivation to develop creativity. It is important to ask what one has done during the day and what one should do in the future. The main thing is to reveal the entity of life, well-being, happiness and harmony of soul and heart with a reason.

A book The Go-Getter is a motivational story about William Peck. This story shows that one can achieve what he/she wants only with the help of motivation and desire. Being a war veteran and an amputee, William Peck did his best to find a job. This character is an example of how to overcome problems. Many people complain about their difficult and unfair destiny, but they do not do anything to change the situation. As for Peck, he developed his skills to be competent at many tests and not be worse than others.

William Peck teaches how to become more intelligent, reasonable, creative and responsible, and achieve life priorities through persistence and hard-working qualities.

His way of success was like a thorny path, like climbing the mountains, like wandering in the desert. His great desire to realize his life priorities was an oasis in the desert of disappointments, obstacles and faults.

This story is related to the course because it is motivational and depicts both processes: creativity and decision-making. In some moments, this story seems unreal, but it is a good motivational force to actions. Overcoming laziness and tireless persistence can drive the decision-making and creative processes to success. A story The Go-Getter sends a message that there is nothing impossible, and that one needs only efforts and desire. This message will have positive consequences on the potential readers. Without a doubt, one should draw clear tasks and goals and overcome all obstacles. The book The Go-Getter incites us to be those whom we want to be and choose the way to be free and independent. It is the most essential problem for people to reveal their abilities suitable for any kind of work.

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Despite that fact that The Go-Getter sounds like a fairy tale, efforts of the character make it realistically practical. The book makes one feel that complaining is not the way out, and that one should try oneself at many jobs to find the one close to their heart and soul.

In conclusion, a necessary condition of a talented personality is creative thinking. Creativity is not a gift; it demands learning, training and development of knowledge and skills. Creativity is the ability to use psychological, moral and intellectual health for living in harmony with one’s feelings, emotions and desires. There is no other way to become talented; that is why ambiguity, uncertainty and paradox are the crucial factors. Another important skill is decision-making. This process depends on our intuition, strategic thinking and analytic abilities.



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