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«Communication Case Study» - Great Essay Sample

«Communication Case Study»

The parts of communication are content, process and feedback. Content means that a person should consider the purpose and idea of the message, receiver’s background (age, status, educational level) and environment or situation in which the message will be presented. Process of the message can be transmitted in verbal communications, written communications, body and paralanguage.

In the conversation between a nurse and a patient there was no feedback from the patient. The nurse only gave the instruction. She should have asked if the patient had understood the prescription and her explanations. As far as I know, hospital staff such as nurses is always deficient and needed. There is a big number of patients who need help, that’s why probably the nurse didn’t wait for patient’s feedback in the conversation.

The very patient could have misinterpreted the instructions due to medications not being underwritten. Besides, the nurse didn’t specify the details of taking those pills. She should have told how many times a day they should be taken (she probably doesn’t know the patient’s dietary intake); before, during or after the meal. If the patient ate every three hours, he would take too much medicine and presumably get intoxication.

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First of all, the nurse could have inquired whether al the instructions had been clear to the recipient. Also she could have underwritten the medications.

It would have been quite a good thing to call the patient later that evening and ask if he had had any problems with the treatment.

If I were the nurse I would have made sure that the patient understood all the instructions in prescription. I would have asked if he had needed more details on the treatment. If he had said yes, then I would have apologized for not having more time to give them, and kindly offered to send him the information via telephone message or fax machine.



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