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Paper in APA Format

APA is an abbreviation that stands for American Psychological Association. This group of people developed an academic essay writing format, which is accepted in many universities of the world. This format is referred to specific rules regarding the way how a paper should look like. Some of the important aspects of the research paper format are margins, font type and size, referencing, headers, page numbers, etc. It is very important to follow the guidelines of academic writing. Otherwise it can result in a very bad grade.

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What elements matter in apa research paper: 

  • The basic elements of a paper in apa format are 2.5 cm margins on each side of the paper, A4 size of the list, Times New Roman font 12 sized, running header on every single page and double-spacing.
  • Another significant element of any paper is a cover page. This particular page must contain a page header, or in other words the running head, page number together with a paper title, student’s name and institution’s name located in the upper half of the page.
  • The second page of an APA paper is usually an abstract. This is a short paragraph, no longer than 250 words, but no less than 150. It basically summarizes what is going to be discussed in the writing. It gives a brief overview of what a target reader should expect, contain your research topic, the main questions of research, methods, results and of course the desired outcome. All this information is presented in a single paragraph. The abstract should be brief, yet informative and understandable. A good idea is to highlight the keywords of the paper after this paragraph. To do this you should indent as you usually do when you start a new paragraph. Remember to type the word Keywords (italicized) first, and then list the actual keywords.
  • Another important point when writing a research paper is an appropriate citation style maintained throughout the text. There are also specific format guidelines on this point. Each reference must have the author’s name followed by the work publication date. Such reference has to be put in brackets. If there is a quotation inside the text, it should be supplied with the page number of the original publication for further referencing.
  • A heading and sub-headings are not required but may be incorporated as a useful addition.
  • The last page of an apa research paper should contain the list with all the references used. The most important thing is that all sources must be credible. Another aspect is that all references must be in alphabetical order.

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