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Europe’s Destinations for Students on Holidays

Europe’s Destinations for Students on Holidays

Are you ready to get rid of daunting, stressful, and exhausting study routine, and plunge into relaxing summer holidays? You definitely deserve a good rest after all. So, why not to choose a nice place to visit abroad with our guide on the most popular destinations for students?

  • Portugal in miniature (better known as Portugal do Pequenitos) in Coimbra was initially designed as a play place for children, though, without doubt, it will impress any adult tourist as well. In comparison to most tourist attractions, this one bears not only an entertaining function, but is aimed at depicting the greatness of Portugal, its history and diversity. Portugal do Pequenitos is a mini-representation of the country. In this mini-country, a tourist can get to know the history of Portugal, have a look at its former colonies, which included the territories in India and Africa, Timor, Brazil, and Macau. You may also explore Portuguese culture along with its traditions through the portrayal of typical houses and most famous monuments.
  • The Cathedral of Justo Martinez in Spain is another amazing place to visit. You will be impressed by the story of life of a former monk, who has been building a church on his own since 1961. So far, the building is 8,000 square meters and has been totally constructed by Don Justo on his land using his own money. The inspiring story of a man, who was suffering from tuberculosis and promised to dedicate his life to church building if he should survive, won’t leave indifferent any human. The Cathedral of Justo Martinez, which has been steadily rising for the past 50 years, is situated in Mejorada del Campo in the Community of Madrid. Don’t miss a chance to watch this stunning beauty.
  • Have you ever heard about German Tropical Islands, which are nothing else but a tropical sea, sandy beaches and palm trees in just 60 km from Berlin, the capital of Germany. Tropical Islands will satisfy the taste of even the pickiest tourist. Whether you prefer a rest in tents in the rainforest, an adventure holiday in premium lodges or luxurious rooms and suites in the tropics, come to enjoy the exiting world full of adventures for the whole family. There is a Tropical Village, the Whitewater River (the longest whitewater river in Germany) and Tropino Club for kids (a sheer paradise for young explorers), which make Tropical Islands a perfect holiday getaway.
  • Austrian brewery Starkenberger is a bubble bath where you can literary swim in beer. This world’s first beer swimming pool is located in a mountain village of Tarrenz (a place, where beer was produced and fermented) and allows tourists to swim in the cellar of Tarrenz Castle in vats full of hot beer. Since the times of ancient Egypt, it has been believed that beer has a healing effect. In reality, this drink serves as the source of vitamins and regular beer baths soften your skin. Moreover, beer baths are advisable for people suffering from psoriasis. Hence, your trip to Starkenberger Brewery in Austria can turn into a healthy spa therapy.

Did you get intrigued? What about exploring Europe together? Plan your holidays and come back to studies with plenty of impressions to share with your group mates.

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