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Problems of Urbanization

Problems of Urbanization

The half of Earth inhabitants live in cities today. However, a hundred years ago, most of the population lived in small settlements. The development of industry, scientific and technological progress have created the conditions for the emergence of large cities over time. In this regard, a lot of problems have appeared that create a lot of inconvenience to modern people.

Traffic Jams

The car plays an important role in human life, so the number of vehicles will grow. The population of Los Angeles (USA) is about 4 million people, and now there are more cars than people in this city. Although perhaps in other places, this is not happening, only a few cities are coping with the fact that the transport is becoming more and more serious problem. The oldest cities with their narrow streets are in the worst position, but even in modern metropolises with wide roads, traffic jams are often formed, especially during rush hours.

Megalopolis is a large association of the big city and its environs. Here, as a rule, the population from all over the country flocks, for large earnings and more diverse than in the periphery, life in all its understandings. The salary is higher here, and there are more opportunities for career growth, more theaters, museums, and other entertainments. Nevertheless, such massive resettlement created problems that became typical of megacities by the end of the twentieth century: transport, infrastructure, and economy.

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Methods to Combat Traffic Problems

The main problem that many large cities have to face is traffic jams. Hundreds of thousands of cars simply do not fit on streets not suitable for large traffic flows. Each metropolis solves these problems in different ways. Tokyo develops a transport system: there are 11 ring roads and three interchange metro lines. In addition, in order to buy a car in the capital of Japan, you must first purchase a parking space. In addition, Paris is the European leader in the number of traffic jams. The city is trying to get rid of them with the help of paid parking. The whole capital of France is divided into different tariff zones; the closer to the center ones are the more expensive.

An important step in the way of getting rid of automobile congestion is the creation of several cultural, economic, and business centers within it. Paris began this process several decades ago.

Five towns with their own centers and places of employment were built in remote suburbs of Paris. Such powerful facility as Disneyland, which draws activity from the city center to the periphery and creates a polycentric system of organizing life, was constructed here.

According to the results of sociological surveys, most of the inconvenience to residents of megacities is transport and garbage on the streets. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to change the policy concerning traffic in some countries. Drivers, in turn, must adhere to all rules and park their cars in specially designated places.

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