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My Short-Term and Long-Term Goals in Life

My Short-Term and Long-Term Goals in Life

Since primary school, I have always known what I would like to do, what goals to pursue and how to get what I was really into. Being goal-oriented and persistent has always helped me in life and it is still something that keeps me active on my life track. Determined and eager to make new steps, I have never been afraid to take bold actions or choose new paths, which inevitably led to changes. I find it vital to my personality to be in the constant mode of development and changing. I always do my best to achieve what I really yearn for and my big impetus in this uneasy process is setting my short-term and long-term goals.

Every first day of a new year, I think of new targets for these 12 months full of opportunities. I contemplate about things that I have already achieved and the things that are still on the list to do in my life and that is how I come up with my short-term objectives. Being bitten by the travel bug for life, my plans for future always incorporate a new trip to another unexplored by me yet country. This year I plan to get another ‘visited!’ sticker on my map of the world by adding together with my boyfriend a road trip to Spain. As we both enrolled on Spanish courses last year, it is high time to see what we have achieved so far as well as to indulge ourselves into this rich, mesmerizing culture. This time my goal is to cover the whole country from Catalonia to Andalusia, absorbing the vibes of rousing Spanish songs, passionate Spanish dances, spicy Spanish cuisine, and sincere and open-hearted Spanish people. Being always enchanted by this country, I cannot but put this travel on my goals’ list.

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While making my list of objectives, there is always a place for the goals, which take more time for fulfillment and more meticulous work on them. As it has already been mentioned, personal development is my priority, which is why I always look for new chances to imbue my life with knowledge, new experiences, and smart people. After thorough brainwork, I came up with the decision to take the accountancy course this year. No matter how unusual it may sound for an absolute humanitarian, I see it as an invaluable chance to obtain new skills, to expand my work spheres, and add a new achievement to my CV. It may pan out and contribute significantly to my career or I may never turn to accountancy in my life again after finishing the course, yet I am eager to broaden my horizons and I believe that pursuing my objectives will help me to do that.

All in all, determination to achieve your targets is a good thing. Many people lose the feeling of purpose in their life, just because they are too scared, or embarrassed to try new things, setting new goals for themselves. Surely, there is a possibility of failure; but if you keep moving forward and doing what you have always been dreaming of, you may succeed one day.

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