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How to Write a Critical Lens Essay

How to Write a Critical Lens Essay

The main goal of the critical lens essay is to analyze the quotation from author’s work in a meticulous manner. When working on critical lens essay opinion about the importance of the quote should also be expressed and supported by the relevant literary references.

What Is a Critical Lens Analysis?

The quote analyzes starts with understanding what this analyzes actually entails. It should include an argument that must be supported with literary references which depend on the quote that author of the critical lens essay chooses to analyze. For instance, if the writer has selected a quote that deals with integrity and fearlessness, he should find 2-4 literary references that provide the best support for the opinion expressed by the writer. Selected references should validate and reinforce author’s point of view.

Critical Lens Essay Outline

One hour is usually given to complete the critical lens essay. It generally serves as one of the tasks given to the high school students. Although this type of essay belongs to the analytical essay family, there is some uniqueness about it because it requires the writer to analyze the quote in contrast with a crafted idea or opinion. The outline of the critical lens essay is a classic one and includes Introduction – Body Paragraph(s) – Conclusion. Let’s examine all these elements separately.

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The first thing that you should do is to select a quote. It shouldn’t be a random one, but a significant part of the text that can create a universal impact. After finding a quotation, proceed to interpret the quote in a way that makes sense for you. This unique interpretation is the Thesis Statement of the paper. When you have provided a valid interpretation, you should decide if you agree or disagree with the selected quote. The introduction ends with the presentation of the literary references that you chose to support the argument. Take into consideration that choosing a solid literary support counts for 50% of your essay’s success.

Body Paragraph(s)

As with all other types of the essay, the main goal of the body paragraph(s) is to prove the assumption that you have crafted. The author should accomplish this by using literary references because the writer will definitely need some outside support. Coming to the topic sentence, the writer should make a restatement of the thesis that should be relevant to the selected literary reference. When the topic sentence is crafted, proceed to explain its significance in three logically connected paragraphs.. Each paragraph should have literary support and individual proofs.


The conclusion is the final part of the critical lens essay, and it serves a couple of goals. Its first goal is to make a restatement of the thesis and the second is to make a good summary of the arguments stated in the body paragraphs. When you make a restatement of the thesis, don’t just rephrase the main idea, but make an overall solid conclusion. It should become an uncompromising end of your paper that proves all your arguments and leaves no space for doubts.

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