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«Plastic Bags» - Great Essay Sample

«Plastic Bags»

Without any doubt, in the 21st century society has faced a big environmental problem that can relentlessly confront humanity, commonly known as thoughtless using of plastic bags. This issue has appallingly influenced water life, flora, fauna, and soil. First of all, plastic bags dramatically contaminate water resources. According to the National Academy of Science, eight millions of plastic bags are thrown out into the oceans annually. The expansion of contamination caused by the excessive use of plastic bags is at the peak, since ten percent of American coastlines are floating in the debris. Moreover, the scientists have found plastic bags in the north of the Arctic Circle, and in the south of the Falkland Islands. Secondly, an inconsiderate use of plastic bags has a terrible effect on flora and fauna, since more than 200 sea creatures have died due to plastic bags. This problem can be amplified by the fact that animals eat plastic bag mistaking that it is food. In this case, plastic bags can enter the human food chain and horribly influence the existence of live on the Earth. Finally, the scientists have proclaimed that plastic bags belong to photo degrade materials which break down into petro-polymers over certain period of time and contaminate soils and water resources (The Pocono Record, nd). All in all, people should review their impact on the earth, and assume radical measure to solve this issue. One of the possible solutions is to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. In this case, humans can eliminate the toxic things by saving more than 1,330,560,000,000 bags. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to ban plastic bags by following in the footsteps of other countries, such as Bangladesh, Canada, China, Ireland, Israel, Rwanda, Taiwan, Tanzania, and some American states, such as California and Boston. Undoubtedly, this prohibition will help to solve the issues concerning contamination and foreign oil dependency. Thus, people have to be good stewards of the planet by reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic bags.


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