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«Movie Analysis: Cloud Atlas» - Great Essay Sample

«Movie Analysis: Cloud Atlas»

Leadership in the movie “Cloud Atlas”

It has a sense to draw the attention to the definition of leadership, before starting film analysis. To a certain extent, leadership means the activity of leading an organization or a group of people. A leader should have a clear vision of the problem and be able to explain for other participants of the group where a core of the idea is and make them willingly follow the leader. In general, the leader must provide information, methods, and knowledge to realize his\her vision. In case of necessity, leading person steps up in a crisis situation; take creative decisions to solve difficult problems; coordinate and balance the conflicting interests of group members. A person cannot adopt leadership skills. The leadership is a part of the character.

A movie for analysis is “Cloud Atlas” directed by Tom Tykwer, Lana and Andy Wachowsky. This film has a specific scenario, plot, and ideas. There are no indifferent spectators of this film; “Cloud Atlas”’ was nominated for the Best Film and the Worst Film lists at the same time. Actually, everyone has its own thoughts, feelings, and emotions after watching the film.

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It must be said that “Cloud Atlas” consists of six plots. Most of the actors inhabit several roles. They change their appearance according to the episode. It is very hard to recognize Tom Hanks, Holly Berry, and other actors in this movie. Their race, accent, and usual costumes are completely changed. Majority of spectators agree that the main plot of this movie is an exploration how good or evil actions of the person impact our life in present, past, and future. At that rate, the movie “Cloud Atlas” retells how person’s esprit can be changed from killer’s soul to a hero’s one, or kindness can inspire a revolution across the centuries.

The section of the year 2144 brightly describes an act of leadership and its development during the episode. It can be seen the futuristic Korea slave fabricants which are created to work in fast-food chain. The main character is Somni-451 played by Donna Bae. The fabricants are described as thoughtless and emotionless slaves-robots. However, due to the circumstances, Somni-451 becomes a leader of the revolution. It must be said, that the leadership in “Cloud Atlas” is presented only in this episode. Anyway, Somni-451 is a futuristic character, which represents all kinds of slavery from the past to the future. Her confession, words, and fearless actions made people to join the revolution and change the order of the things all over the world. Somni-451 displays opposite features of character such as obedience and courage, mediocrity and heroism. She is a representative member and a leader of the thousands of slaves, a person which inspired revolution and changed a system. It is obvious that the fight for freedom is endless, no matter what century it is. All in all, people always fight for their independence. It was so in the past, nowadays, and it will be in such a way in the future.

Either way, the slavery is forbidden nowadays. Nevertheless, people can create the genetically-engineered fabricants to use free working force in the future. Somni-451 is a symbol of the future slavery. She is a clone, which is used as the labor force and row stuff, as well. No one cares about her soul and destiny. Somni-451 is the only one of millions captive and oppressed clones. The main character, played by Donna Bae, is capable to inspire the revolution because of the leading skills she possesses. She is brave enough to tell loudly all people about her vision, make them understand her point of view, and prove that her choice is worth fatality. Somni-451 devotes her life to an idea to free all clones. She insists that they can feel, think, and understand in the same way as people do. The main point of Somni – 451’s video presentation is to show people that cruel injustice and violence rule the world. In every sense of the phrase, to keep clones as slaves means to complete degradation of humanity. As it is seen from the movie, the leader of all clones did her duty perfectly.

The next episode of the film shows that there was a revolution, which destroyed the whole ruling system aimed to depress clones. In the result, people return to primitive system after the social destruction. They do not know the history of the world, but they know for sure that Somni-451 changed its course. Moreover, people living in 2321 and 2346 accept Somni-451 as goodness. She is a good example of an ordinary member of the community who became a leader of all community and the next generation, as well.

In conclusion it is important to note, that the movie “Cloud Atlas” has its powerful and inspiring story and its breathtaking visual scenes. The characters presented in the film are bright, sophisticated, and impressive. Somni-541 is a clone which is able to change the world. She was created by people to lead them to a new beginning. The tale of how Somni-451 recovers her humanity becomes the postscript for the future and makes her the goodness. This is a story of one paradoxical clone which changed the history. It is obvious that this movie describes connection among the future and the past. This connection exists in the real life, as well. The leading position of the clone in society is rather philosophical and symbolical question. That is why the movie “Cloud Atlas” is considered to be the best one for analysis.


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