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«Motivating Employees Paper» - Great Essay Sample

«Motivating Employees Paper»

The article which is going to be discussed is the article by Erin White How to Motivate Workers in Tough Times, it was published in November 7, 2008 in The Wall Street Journal. This article presents readers the information what managers should do to motivate their employees when everything is not so good in the company, shop, etc. The author of the article interviewed Jim Harter, who works at Gallup firm and researches the commitment of workers to their work. Jim Harter gave some very valuable advices for managers on how to promote the motivation among workers during the hard times.

This article has a connection with Chuck Williams book Management, and exactly with the part of the book where the author speaks about motivation. “Some want to be recognized for the quality of their work, some for the quantity of their work. Some like to be recognized individually; others want to be recognized in groups.” (Williams, 2013). The article speaks about recognition as an important part of motivation. Jim Harter emphasizes the fact that if the manager runs the company in military ways during tough period, there will not be any positive consequences. Managers should remember that it is even more important to praise employees during such times when they are doing a great job.

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I find this article very useful and very important for managers and for readers. It gives its readers simple advices on how to make the work of employees more satisfying; everything in the article was expressed in a clear way. The main strength of the article is that the great manager is a person, who knows how to communicate with his or her subordinates, and gets a pleasure and fun from work. Good relationships between managers and workers is that main factor, which contributes to the company’s success. Jim Harter said that during hard economic situation the manager has to do more having less resources and opportunities for it. This is a very true statement, because if such situation happens, the work of managers becomes more stressful, and they have to be able to deal with it. This article is a very informative and simple at the same time.



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