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«Academy Speech»

A good rapport between police officers and the juvenile delinquents is very important. In order to make the efforts of the police officers effective, a good relationship needs to be developed. To begin with, the juvenile delinquents ought to be taught to take police officers as fellow human beings and not consider them with great fear. This can only be achieved through the conduct of the police officers. In most cases, the officers behave in such manners that in scripts fear in the delinquents. Therefore, the police need to treat the delinquents in a friendly manner. Secondly, the police need to conduct themselves in such a way that they will be role models to the delinquents. For the relationship between these two groups to be improved, the delinquents should admire and desire to be like the police officers.

Holding that it is inevitable to improve the relationship between the juvenile delinquents and the police, spiritual guidance is needed. If the police officers share in faith and religious beliefs with the delinquents, there will be a good chance to improve the relationship. Therefore, the police officers need to be well trained in their religions so as to help the delinquents under their care. Additionally, police officers dealing with the delinquents should appreciate them and inspire them that they can change and be respectable people in the society. The best way to change a bad character in someone is to show them it is possible, or them to change and live decent lives. Through this, the delinquents will feel appreciated and realize there is a hope for a better life. Lastly, there should be inspirational seminars, to inspire the delinquents on how to live decent lives. During these seminars, there should be individuals who ever lived similar lives with those of the delinquents. Through such a way, the delinquents will realize that the police officers are mindful of them and create a good rapport.



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