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«The Way We Live» - Great Essay Sample

«The Way We Live»

Gloria Hamzai’s case, like many other immigrants’, is a clear demonstration of the high number of immigrants who have chosen to venture into business. For decades, immigrants have been known as entrepreneurial and ambitious. From small businesses such as grocery shops, taxis and cabs, and barbershops, to medium and large businesses in the production, manufacturing, processing, and service industries,   not a single sector or business entity has been spared of immigrants’ infiltration. Today, their business activities have not only provided them a source of livelihood, but have become part of the federal government’s economic sustainers. These small business, now more than ever, have proven crucial to the country’s economy.

Evidences point that Gloria Hamzai’s case is typical of most immigrants for many reasons. According to Waters, Ueda & Marrow (2007), immigrants take to business to help them adjust to new environments. They claim, “…ethnic businesses help immigrants adjust to their adopted country” (Waters, Ueda & Marrow, 2007). The New York Times strengthens this ground by claiming that most immigrants take to business for lack of professional qualifications. Currently, the bar has been raised in most western countries and the United States regarding educational requirements. Most jobs require a minimum college degree, which most immigrants do not have. As a result, such individuals opt for business to sustain them and their families.  

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According to the center for American progress, citizens should embrace innovation to help sustain the economy. Vicki Sellick who is affiliated to the center, champions for the adoption of innovative ideas and government involvement is ensuring the success of the ideas (2011). In her opinion, only innovative ideas like “Apple, 3M, and Google” stand a chance in the present competitive and dynamic world (Sellick, 2011).

Small business ventures may not rival highly innovating ideas like Apple and Google. However, considering the potential of these businesses to employ many immigrants who would have been otherwise on the streets committing all kinds of crimes; their provision of stable income for immigrants, who would have been otherwise dependent on feeding programs; and their contribution to the country’s GDP, they should be highly encouraged. 


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