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«Integrating Ethics with Organizational Norms and Structures» - Great Essay Sample

«Integrating Ethics with Organizational Norms and Structures»

Public policy and administration is mainly concerned with the organization of policies and programs as well as the behavior of individuals. Ethics involves systematizing, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct in an organization.

In this chapter individual responsibility is asserted. Individuals are responsible for their conducts. It is important to ensure that certain codes of conduct and ethics followed in every organization. There are certain procedures followed and everyone expected to give comprehensible accountability, joint planning, and contribution procedures.

From the management perspective, two ways of maintaining this conducts are internal and external controls. Successful controls provide realistic guarantee regarding the accomplishment of recognized objectives.

Internal Controls is a vital part of any organization's business policies and procedures. It consists of all the measures taken by the organization for safeguarding agreement with the policies of the organization, evaluating the level of performance in all organizational units of the organization and ensuring efficiency. The government to control company operations enacts external controls and in instances where it has been weak, Deviant behavior occurred.

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An external and internal variable are used in maintaining ethics and org norms. External variables are imposed codes, conducts on individuals from outside and internal variables involves the professional values, standards gain from socialization. The reason for establishing various internal and external controls is vital, and when not done the long term objective of the organization will not be met.

Responsible conduct main components deal with Individual characteristic, which is comprised of fair managerial skill, psychological outlook, merits, skilled values, and an acknowledgment of the ethical indistinctness of all citizens and all civic guidelines.

This attitude recognizes both the requirement for consistent measures and the risk they symbolize. Organization, inevitability, effectiveness, and fairness of handling all necessitate some kind of conventional procedure in carrying out the free business. Essential moral qualities required are Optimism, bravery, and equality that are the capability to put in consistent the conduct of all, with an understanding to major individual dissimilarity.

The second component is an organizationalstructure that is answerable, with mutual planning, and involved measures. In the long run for this to work, the organization should ensure that this organizational chart does not get confined : so that the staff know who to report to, and have alternative places for reporting if the regular chain of authority may be the element of the crisis.

Organizational traditions havebroadly been considered as important. It brings out the model for behavior, roles, and symbols. The last component is communal outlook that is Public involvement, and laws & policies. This deals with the organization of law that takes charge of official behavior, communal view of public officials, and their public representation as shown in accepted traditions, together with books, theater, political comics, and cinema.

Much of what is expected for those who work in the government is projected by the society is the main point.

In conclusion, Integrating Ethics with Organizational Norms and Structures is of vital importance to any organization to ensure that certain codes of conduct and ethics are followed and that every individual is responsible and should be accountable for his actions. From the management perspective, two ways of maintaining this conducts are internal and external controls. Effective controls provide reasonable assurance regarding the accomplishment of established objectives.



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