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«The Fall of Penn Station» - Great Essay Sample

«The Fall of Penn Station»

Pennsylvania Station was a construction, designed In October of 1963. Pennsylvania Railroad could not be able to provide adequate maintenance for the Station. Only in a few months after it collapsed, Madison Square Garden took its place.

The following are brief highlights of the Penn Station:

  • It was dedicated to the memory of Alexander Johnston Cassatt, an imaginative person who had visualized the construction 40 years earlier.
  • The Pennsylvania Railroad, resolved the Hudson dilemma by burrowing beneath it, and in the process it accomplished one of the best engineering achievement in history.
  • It started an undersized shipment corporation in Philadelphia, which established administrative approaches and business policy that would set standards for huge corporations worldwide.
  • The Penn station is a monument, an icon and a crest, not a building made of concrete.


  • It was surviving as a division in New York City, where it was constructed, and demolished.
  • The demolition of Penn Station was the occurrence that provoked the preservation association to action, and its advancement can be outlined all the way through the laws approved in the outcome of the occurrence.
  • Penn Station defined New York, and its devotion to conventional flawlessness, even as the city decided to destroy it

The garden

  • Madison Square Garden is a stadium, and a main cultural and tourist site for the City of New York. It is also a business spot for the sale of concession, and many other things.
  • The auditorium in Madison Square Garden has crowned the biggest stars in games and music culture.
  • Madison Square Garden, as the city’s leading sports ground, has had a major impact on the progress and expansion of New York City. It has over time hosted popular proceedings and influenced the development, and growth of New York City.


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