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Parthenon is considered to be the greatest achievement in classical Greek architecture. This example of architecture has perfect proportions, because the Golden Proportion was used in the design of Parthenon. The design of Parthenon also relates to the artistic principle of human proportion, because Greeks have created a harmonious design of the temple using the idealized rules of proportion for the human body.

The Golden Proportion is used throughout the design of a great temple. One can see it on the gable side of this building, because the height and width of the temple create a golden rectangle. The viewer can see golden rectangles not only on the gable side of the building, but also on its facade. Golden ratio proportions can be shown in three elements, which include width of the columns, their height, and support beam’s dividing line. There is a horizontal dividing line on the columns of the temple, which was constructed in such a way that it has a golden ratio proportion to the support beam’s height.

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There is a variety of proportions in the Parthenon. There are seventeen columns from the side view and eight columns across the front view. There are also six columns which lead to the entry, and there are five columns, which enclose the interior room of the temple. Proportions of interior rooms can be considered close to a golden rectangle.

Parthenon was built according to very precise measurements. For example, overall proportions of the temple follow the ratio 4:9. Also, there is the 9:6:6:4 proportion in the outer and inner structure of the temple. Parthenon is a very bright example of Doric design, where harmony, precise measurements, and the Golden Section found its place.



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