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«How High Could the Tide Go?» - Great Essay Sample

«How High Could the Tide Go?»

Gillis of NY Times explains the importance of global warming based on the findings of the group of geologists in South Africa. They found the remainders of the ancient coastal line a few miles away from the current seashore, proving the impact of climate changes on the surface structure of Earth. More concerns were raised after the recent hurricane near the US coast. According to some forecasts, hurricane activity would only be increasing with time and ocean level would be rising, getting new territories on the surface. Dr. Raymo believes that greenhouse effect, accompanied with high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would lead to the global changes of the Earth surface. Her teams works on finding and analyzing of the ancient beaches, dated around 3 million years old, as the carbon dioxide level was similar at that time to the predicted level we would have in a few years. She hopes to be able to foresee the level of the ocean rise and predict the hurricanes and their rate of occurrence in the future.

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Environmental Group Argues Against Restarting San Onofre  Plant

Sewell’s article deals with inconsistency of design changes of the nuclear plant in San Onofre and the changes that were done to that plant, leading to the minor leak of radioactive steam. Friends of the Earth environmental group claims Edison should have got a fresh license prior to make the design changes in the structure of the plant. They believe this would have prevented the leak of nuclear steam in the atmosphere and find the only acceptable way for the company to resolve the work of the plant is going through a trial-like hearing process. The environment group also blames the NRC, as they should have better reviewed the future changes in the plant design, which could prevent possible harm. Meanwhile Edison’s argument is that they could not foresee the inability of Mitsubishi’s plant computer model to predict the issue that took place. Now the NRC should decide the destiny of the nuclear plant and declare if it should be restarted or not. 


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