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«American Experience» - Great Essay Sample

«American Experience»

The 4th of July is the day America got its independence. Therefore, its citizens are expected to celebrate this significant day. Fredrick Douglas, in his reflection of the United States, 75 years since it got its independence, grapples with the same challenges that America was in or even worse that it was before getting its independence. He praises the founding fathers for their magnificent work. It is upon their efforts that every American was accorded equal chance, fairness and a promise for a better life. The promises made by these extraordinary men and women have been plundered by the current crop of leadership. Instead of the grand promises and values made, the American people languish in poverty. The government is also guilty of many evil deeds. This contradicts what the founding fathers had in mind when fighting for the rights of American people and writing the Constitution.

The above mentioned method of praising the founding fathers and criticizing the current leadership would be effective because it points that the right policies and principles, as were envisaged by the founding fathers, were abandoned and hence the present predicament . Therefore, there is a reference to where the right leadership should base their governance on getting ideas that drove the founding fathers to draft the magnificent words in the Constitution regarding equality, humanity and fairness for all Americans.

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The above method does not tarnish the ideas themselves, but rather refers to them as what ought to be the guiding principles in America. It reminds Americans on where they ought to belong to as envisioned by the founding fathers. What we learn from this during the current time, is that we must get back to the principles that gave rise to the fight for peace, respect for the rule of law, and more importantly ethical governance where all citizens have equal chances and are equal before the law. This would be a great promise of hope to the people.


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