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«Reflective Contextualization: To Resurrect a Rose» - Great Essay Sample

«Reflective Contextualization: To Resurrect a Rose»

The beginning and ending of the story was framed in such a way that the author was able to show the reader the timeline for the story and enhance the impact of the imagery used later on. The significance of the rose garden for instance was made clear because of how it has changed the events in the lives of the people involved. It is also important to point out that the beginning scene focused on the garden and the ending scene also focused on the garden.

Writers follow a pattern when they make a story. They have a beginning where they usually describe the characters or the setting. In this case the characters and settings were made known in the few paragraphs that comprised the initial phase of the story. The second part is the point of no return. When the story breaches the point of no return there is usually a conflict within the main character. In this case the point of no return happened quickly and introduced even in the early part of the story. The point of no return was when Sarah discovered the missing roses.

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It is also interesting to point out that the point of no return was enhanced by the image of a plot of ground that was destroyed or abused by someone who acted like an intruder, one who stole the flowers. But at the resolution or at the end of the story the same plot of ground no longer symbolized death but life because the flowers were blooming once again.

One of the most interesting writing techniques utilized for the short story, “To Resurrect a Rose was the technique called ekphrasis. I want to relate the story of the rose to the life of the grandmother. There was a death in the family and the people were grieving and there has to be a way to present the internal struggle using metaphors and other literary schemes in order to communicate the depth of the conflict that the protagonist felt within her. The rose garden was used to present an example of an ekphrasis and therefore I was able to show in a more graphical manner the interaction between different members of the family.

It has to be pointed out that the rose garden symbolized the grandmother’s contribution to their lives and most especially to Sarah who spent a great deal of time with the old woman to tend to tend to her flowers. The rose garden also served as a reminder of her presence. Every time any member of the family strays towards the patch of land where the rose garden was planted, it reminded them of her.

The rose garden was used not only as a backdrop to the story, but it was also used as a way to gauge the feelings of the characters. In other words, the author developed a mechanism that could help express ideas in a subtler manner. In addition, the rose garden provides a dramatic way to tell the story of Sarah and her roses.

In the final encounter between Sarah and John, the latter took great pains in procuring a hundred roses. The sight of the roses in his hand demonstrated his sincere desire to make amends for the way he hurt his sister. The roses that he gave to his sister also shows that the finally understood why Sarah was upset. However, when he presented the roses to Sarah, he realized that he was not completely aware of the internal conflict within Sarah. He assumed that it was the roses but in reality, Sarah was not in distress simply because the garden no longer has any rose flowers. She was unhappy because she felt that the members of her family was not as serious as her when it comes to honoring the memory of her dead grandmother.

The story was made alive by dialogue. The author used a technique wherein sentences were not completed and therefore the reader is left hanging. The significance of this technique is to enhance the dramatic side of the story. For example, “‘Suddenly she yelled in terror.  “My ro...rooses…’’’. The statement was not completed, it was merely a phrase.

There is another reason for the incomplete sentences and why the characters settled only in the use of phrases rather than complete sentences. The significance of this particular technique is to show immediacy. In other words the people are in a frenetic pace so that they do not have the time to deal with specifics. For example, ‘“No John!” Mr. Smith ran after him.’” The emotions are heightened and the reader feels the impact even deeper.

Finally, the use of phrase and hurried speech was also employed to show that these are real people talking. If the sentences were formal and grammatically correct all the time then, it would feel as if the characters were reading a script. For instance in the scene wherein Sarah and John were fighting it makes sense to use short sentences and not lengthy statements.

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The story was effective when it comes to delivering a message of the challenges felt by people when they grieve after the death of a loved one. The author was able to illustrate the conflict between the characters of the story because of the use of the rose garden as a focal point. The description of the garden, the roses that were planted there, and the reaction of the characters with regards to the missing flowers provide readers a mechanism to understand what the characters are feeling without the need to provide extensive details. The story was also effective because of the use of dialogue. The conversation between siblings and parent and child was made more vivid because of the use of dialogue. It has to be pointed out that the flow of the story was enhanced even further by the use of transitions. The author was able to direct the readers to different scenes without effort. For example, the story did not commence with the discovery of the missing flowers and instead the opening scene was an event that transpired a month after the confrontation in the garden. By adjusting the timeline the author was able to convey the impact of ending of the story. If the author decided to go the traditional route, then, the ending may not have the same impact because the story would end with John storming out of the house. But when the timeline was adjusted the reader felt Sarah’s remorse with the way she treated her brother.


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