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Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to the Asia Pacific region by U.S. military forces. As a result, U.S. army chief of staff general Raymond T. Odierno visited South Korea in January 19-20. South Korea is a very powerful country, no one can object this fact. This country is of a great importance to the United States of America, because it has a big national income, has a large economical potential, and as a result, South Korea carries on trade with the USA. The government of the USA offers South Korea protection, and it is not surprising. Two countries are stronger than one, and this alliance can be a powerful weapon against intrusions.

The general Odierno emphasized the importance of South Korea to the United States and said that the presence of the U.S. military in South Korea will be the same. The general also promised that if there is such a necessity, more force will be available for South Korea’s disposal. This action will be possible due to the fact that U.S. military forces reduce their presence in Afghanistan and Iraq. Such meetings which were conducted by general Odierno are strategically important. If the country has an ally, it will be easier for people of this country to overcome different obstacles, which arise in different situations.

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Odierno also conducted the meeting with U.S. Army Pacific leaders in Hawaii. During the media roundtable he emphasized the fact that U.S. military forces are ready to defend the Korean Peninsula from any invaders. Such kinds of meetings are important for maintaining morale. General is an important figure in the army, and Raymond Odierno showed a great example of a military man, who knows his duties and knows what he should do for his country and for the preservation of the nation’s sense of safety.

Raymond Odierno was the commander of Multinational Forces Iraq and Joint Forces Command. After this post he became the 38th chief of staff of the United States military forces in 2011, September 7th. The general visited Yongsan Garrison, which is the headquarters for American military men, who serve in South Korea. The U.S. military forces were transformed from an Army Service Component Command to military headquarters, which are warfignting, combined and are able to command multinational military forces. This information was presented to the general to show that American soldiers also perform their duties and serve to protect their country and the nation has to be proud of them.

Army works well when the trust is present between fellow soldiers and between soldiers and those who command them. Only in such a way the army is a very powerful source of the United States’ prosperity. U.S. military men are those people, who protect American frontiers. So, it is understandable that American soldiers are highly trained, and they are able to meet the highest demands of the nation. The general Odierno shows his concern about the events which take place in South Korea and by his visit shows that he and the USA remember about the alliance with South Korea.

Army can perform a lot of missions. For example, military forces are an integral part of each country’s foreign policy. Military men are also those people, who serve as peacekeepers and help to keep good relations with other countries. They are also defenders. What a nation would do without them? It is hard to say. In such case people would have a constant fear that something might happen with them or their children. They would feel unprotected. It is the highest duty of every military man to protect his country and to make good connections with other countries for the better development.

Tensions between South Korea and North Korea go back to the division of Korea into the republic of South Korea and the country of North Korea. In North Korea leaders change over the years, and as a result they conduct foreign policy differently. This policy affects South Korea in the first place. So, it is not surprising that the general Odierno mentions the change in leadership in North Korea. When a new leader comes to power, he or she implements new rules and new policies, which influence not only the life of citizens of the country, but also the life of people of neighbouring countries. This influence can have both negative and positive results. If some countries have tense relations between each other, the policy of a new leader can be directed to the conquest of new territories. This policy can be unfriendly in its nature. If one looks deeper into the world history, he or she will find a lot of examples of wars, battles, fights. No one knows what new policy a new leader will be conducting towards other countries. To prevent undesirable consequences, the government should carefully watch after the changes in leadership and the policy of the opposing country.

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Do you want to be unprepared for some attack? Of course, not. Every person wants to feel protected and to be safe. Every person needs to know that he, his relatives, friends, families, children are in safety and this will not change, that something terrible will not happen. The situation in the country should be stable, necessary connections with other countries should be made, and the policy conducted in such a way that it protects citizens of the country from invasions and brings them the feeling of safety and confidence that there is nothing they should be afraid of.

It is a known fact that North Korea conducts nuclear policy. North Korea poses a potential danger to South Korea, and consequently, to the United States of America. There were incidents between South Korea and North Korea before and they can happen again. So, American troops are staying as headquarters in Yongsan Garrison for a reason. The armistice between South Korea and North Korea was broken. By whom do you think? Exactly, by North Korea. North Korea did not value the agreement of peace in the past and it can try to do the same in future.

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The general Raymond Odierno met with the general James D. Thurman. Thurman is the commander of the United Nations Command. These two important figures met each other shaking hands, showing that they are going to discuss important issues and take into consideration the situation in South Korea. The relations between the USA and South Korea became stronger during the years, the government of the USA tries to show its ally that their alliance still has power and that the South Korea will get the necessary support.

Does the American government have some benefits from it? This is the question that can be widely discussed, but it seems that the answer is obvious. The events like meeting of two very important military men and the media roundtable can not be left without attention. As a result, this event was featured by Walter Ham, who plays a significant role in Eighth Army Public Affairs. Such events can not, but affect the history of both countries. Such meetings are an integral part of the life of military men and something, which can not be neglected by powerful figures. The American government successfully performs its duties in the relation to its ally.



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