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«Chemical Engineering» - Great Essay Sample

«Chemical Engineering»

Chemical engineering is a unique filed of knowledge. It comprises the knowledge of mathematics and chemistry, allowing chemical engineers to fulfill their duties respectively. Chemical engineers work in numerous fields, including chemistry, biology, health and pharmaceutical areas. They deal with different products, as they develop them and resolve any related issues afterwards. Chemical engineering experts handle everything, from the lab experiments and to the global issues of countrywide and international scale. Since I am an international student, I understand all the importance of being a chemical engineer. I come from Angola, and my country needs a lot of experts in this area who would be able to solve numerous issues, including natural and man-made ones. I hope I would help my country develop and become more prosperous one day.

Chemical engineering is quite complex and requires good knowledge in many areas. Besides, such engineers have to perform a number of tasks. There is no universal set of tasks for every engineer to do since a factor of job diversity plays a key role in this case. In case the chemical engineer works at a factory, and his job requires application of practical skills, his tasks would be controlling of the production cycle, making sure standards are kept etc. However, the professor, who also is a chemical engineer, has a different set of tasks - teaching students, sharing his knowledge with them, creating new experts in the field.

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Despite the forecast of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which foresees the decrease of the employment level in the chemical engineering filed by 2% by 2018, overall forecast is more positive. Chemical engineers can find jobs in different areas, as their skills and qualifications are highly valued. Earnings in the field of chemical engineering depend on education, experience level, geographical location etc. According to the statistical data, salaries vary greatly in the area, starting with $53,000 a year as the lowest and reaching $130,000 per year for the top earners. Approximately 80% of chemical engineers average $84,000 a year.


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