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«What Does a Working Relationship Mean?» - Great Essay Sample

«What Does a Working Relationship Mean?»

The purpose of this work is to explore the subject of sex, gender, and attraction while deriving from a romantic couple of Nancy and Mattson. The two have been my friends since the early high school days. However, they never knew each other personally until attending a motivational talk held at the local community hall last year. They have pushed on well and ended in a romantic relationship that lasts for a year now.

Communication is very essential for every relationship. For a long time, Nancy and Mattson have had good communication; this is what has enabled them to grow strong together. This couple has adopted the pragma style of love. They have always sought a practical and working relationship (Lee 14). What they want is a compatible love and relationship that will meet all their needs. In addition, this couple is concerned rather with personal than social qualities. Having got into a relationship and assumed the pragma style, Nancy and Mattson perceibe their families and backgrounds as paramount to them. They understand love as a significant relationship and a simple way to approach life (Lee 22).

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There are various ways in which this couple expresses its heartfelt commitments. The languages of love that Nancy and Mattson have adopted includes words of affirmation, spending quality time together, and physical touch. Speaking about the words of affirmation, this couple thinks that words are louder than actions. They try to find credible reasons for a relationship, where positive reasons make the love stronger, while insults just ruin it (Chapman 10). The second issue is quality time. This couple values every moment they spend together and when they are close to each other. The fact they are together means that they are truly unique and love each other. Finally, physical touch, which the couple values, is a way of showing affection. Whenever Nancy and Mattson are out on a date, they like holding each other on the waist that is a sign of affection (Chapman 23).

Nancy and Mattson are of distinct personality types, which makes them well-suited for each other. This defines their intellectual and emotional dispositions. As a personality, Nancy is caring, romantic, humorous, intelligent, accommodating, supportive, honest, open-minded, sensual, and patient woman. On the other hand, Mattson is a protector and inspirer; he is communicative, loving, generous, and trustworthy. These personal traits keep them tight together and strong in love.

Besides positive personalities, there are temperaments associated with this couple. Melancholy in Nancy and phlegmatic in Mattson are the most prevalent temperaments in this relationship. Nancy perceives communication as paramount for their love, feelings, and emotions. However, she always remembers the negative actions ever done to her; she is moody and depressed most of the times, which is the trait of humility and self-centeredness. On the other hand, Mattson is phlegmatic. He is very stubborn and slow-paced.  He is unenthusiastic, worried, fearful, indecisive, reticent, shy, and too compromising.

An analysis of the personal life of Nancy and Mattson proves that their feelings are full of similarities and dissimilarities. However, they believe that these are the best things that keep their relationship going. Were it not for the differences they have, their life would be very smooth, and things would not work out properly. The best thing is that they understand each other in a different way. They believe that their love is the best, and they warmly accept each other’s gift of love. In addition, each of them means what they say, and they believe that they are destined for a long life relationship. They hope to marry in the next four years.


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