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«Economic Inequality» - Great Essay Sample

«Economic Inequality»


The media have been on the forefront in propagating the economic differences that occur in the society. In fact, it deploys significant stories and information that affirm the status of such people. Moreover, they use diverse assumptions that shape the belief system of the community. For example, it is assumed that most of the students are exposed to similar factors and consequently, their growth is alike. However, these people fail to note the diversity in the intellectual system of both the poor and the rich. While the rich may be exposed to drama and video tutorials, the poor face many limitations in their academic system. As a result, their level of success differs exceedingly. The following paper gives a critical examination of economic inequality in relation to the success of students.


According to Pascoe (2007), inequality is a perception that comes out best by focusing on education programs in River High School. It is a school with defined structure and adequate number of boys and girls. Moreover, all students are exposed to the educational facility. However, the use of the term Fag to define the masculinity of a man is a subject that is captivation. For example, when one of the characters Brian Yell out “Look at the faggot! Watch out! He’ll get you” the ten-year-old responds in terror (Pascoe, 2007). It is because of the negative view he has about the term.  

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Adams & Betty (2003), explain the concept further. In their readings, they give attention to initiation of a cheerleader in the school team. They focus on the male stereotype on who qualifies to be a cheerleader. For a long time, only the male figure took role in the squad. In fact, it was considered a male activity. However, the rise of girls into the team brought several controversial issues. One of the issues is the attire that ladies wear during the activity. Report indicates that most females prefer provocative clothing in the process (Adams & Betty, 2003). While people gave reasons on why this kind of dressing was unnecessary, the administration felt that girls were indifferent. In fact, they said, “Cheer-leaders are not nice girls” (Adams & Betty, 2003). Girls felt that it gave them the public space they needed for their overall well-being.

However, the African-American were desirous, but had limited opportunities. In fact, one of the girls affirmed that to be allowed in the squad is a lifetime chance for her. It is also apparent that the activity increased more in the countries that had stable economic condition. New York, for instance, has some of the impeccable cheer leaders. The role of leadership also played a central role in the topic. Research conducted by Adams and Betty illustrated the leadership positions that cheerleaders took. Evidently, a school that did not have a squad was disadvantaged.


First and foremost, it is appropriate if the government gives equal academic opportunities to all students irrespective of race or any other factor. While most countries have embraced this policy, there are still distinct schools of the rich and the poor. Addressing inequality is indispensable in dealing with the set of assumptions that people have. Secondly, public awareness must consistently be done. It creates awareness on the need to treat one another fairly irrespective of the status. Moreover; the state administration should always empower the poor in the society


Economic inequality comes out as one of the inhibiting factors of the overall success of most students. In fact, it defines the level of exposure that one obtains. Nevertheless, the implementation of these recommendations is essential for improving the society. Needless to say, harmony is the core of existence.


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