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«Effects of Patriarchy Today» - Great Essay Sample

«Effects of Patriarchy Today»

Without any doubt, in the 21st century society has faced a big social problem commonly known as endless government of patriarchal society. The distinctive pattern of modern society is its bipolarity, while world is divided into the two big powers, such as men and women, who always struggle against each other for the same social roles. Nowadays it is hypothesized that women do not perform the same social roles as men do. The supporters of this idea claim that according to the hierarchy of the top business jobs, men usually occupy the highest positions, such as directors, head managers, and chiefs of department. However, women occupy the minimal positions, such as cleaners, secretaries, teachers, instructors or at most they can become director’s assistants. In this case, women are still associated with the vulnerable human beings and men are identified as the strongest and cleverest individuals. On the contrary, the opponents of the masculine dominance point out that evolutionary the social organization was considerably changed due to the significant transformations of human minds and behavioral concepts. Regarding to the social development, women can choose whether to perform matrimonial kind of work or to gain business positions. However, the main issue in the modern world is not the dominance of men over women, but the social prejudices that lay the stress on women’s weakness and men’s strength. Consequently, the supremacy of patriarchy is distinctly apprehended, since this social institution highly encourages male dominance, affecting women dramatically by diminishing female gender identity and female characteristics and exalting male traits.

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In the framework of identifying the domination of patriarchy in the modern world it is highly recommended to determine the scientific approaches of this concept. It is generally true that the definition of the word patriarchy is a perplexing issue, since scholars cannot make arrangement whether patriarchy refers to masculine domination or it is a serious disease that equally injures men and women. On the one hand, the supporters of feministic movements claim that men are guilty that nowadays women are suffering from the lack of high-paid job and tolerant attitude to them in their families. This can be amplified by the fact that men always affirm that it is their duty to protect women and children, since they are the most vulnerable human beings. Furthermore, in the advertisements, newspapers, TV programs, and political speeches, one can constantly find out that today’s reality is demonstrated through the masculine world in which physical strength and critical thinking are the most important features. Moreover, feminists point out that men are trying to imprison women in their household and matrimonial duties. On the contrary, Bell Hooks (2004) pointed out, “Patriarchy is the most serious disease that equally attacks men and women” (p. 1). In this case, it is clearly seen that men and women are totally fooled about their social roles. For instance, the most prevalent application of patriarchal violence can be seen at home, when a dominator model is used in order to show the male authority and female subordination. While performing domestic duties, men are required to be a supreme power employing various means of violence, rape, and abuse. Moreover, patriarchal ideology totally brainwashes men to think that their supremacy over women is advantageous. In this case, men are inspired with the idea that they should be more powerful comparing to women and always show their superiority. It is generally true that men and women are equally suffering from patriarchal construct. The supportive argument for this is a feeling of men’s dissatisfaction of their work. If patriarchy was identified as a full reward for men, the addiction and violence in family life would never exist. Moreover, in the patriarchal society men is also suffering from a psychological crisis, since they are required to show their indifference and coolness. Consequently, patriarchy is a social tortured system that equally oppresses masculine and feminine values and establishes polarization of the world by employing various approaches of sexism in which women are not allowed to express their willpower against men, while men are not allowed to be mother’s darlings and weak.

Indisputably, patriarchy tightly correlates with oppression, since predominantly patriarchy meant a social institution that oppressed women’s rights and freedom. The opponents to patriarchal ideology claim that nowadays oppression in its original form does not exist anymore, since society has been considerably developed by adopting the equality for men and women. In this case, humans should clearly distinguish between common perception of vitality of women’s humility and men’s strength and oppression as a violation of rights. However, in this context the meaning of oppression is undoubtedly unclear, since maintenance to the fixed social norms can also be estimated as one of the means of restriction that is the main form of oppression. On the contrary to the general definition of the word oppression as a violation of female rights, some scholars pointed out that oppression is an inveterate manipulative tool used in order to establish global tyranny or patriarchal. To demonstrate the gender oppression, people should not show that men are leaders and women are victims or that men do not oppose oppression and women never participate in their harassment. If a society is oppressive, then humans who grow up under dominance of its regulations will definitely tend to accept its customs, to identify with its prejudices, and to participate in its “habitual” lifestyle as a manifestation of social normal order. In this case, patriarchy is an oppressive social system organized around certain kinds of social ideology and relationships. According to Johnson (2004), “Patriarchal society requires from us the learning ability about what is expected of us as men and women, the rules that control punishment and reward based on how we appear and behave” (p. 30). In this case, patriarchy is identified as an ongoing external global power that consists of reciprocal exchanges between humans and patriarchal ideology in which people as a fundamental constituents of it participate in the process of shaping and reshaping of social gender roles. According to Marilyn Frye (2000), “The derivative meaning of the word oppression is the press whether it is the press of the society, work or the pressing of a pair of paints” (p. 11). In this case, oppression can be amplified as a restriction to behave in the own manner being afraid to struggle against common rules and ideology. In the patriarchal world, women and men used to adhere to the established gender roles by being frightened to cross the boundaries. The patriarchic ideology dictates for women their manner of behavior, such as mammas, wives, assistants, girlfriends. For masculine world, the oppression is stricter, while men should always be strong, calm, grim, and intelligent. These gender identifiers can be determined as social oppression that progresses in the 21st century. Consequently, in the modern world patriarchy is a complex web culture that defines reality amenably to the considerable good and desirable manners of behavior.

All in all, patriarchy dramatically affects human society by adopting gender stereotypes and fixed behavioral roles. The vitality of clear understanding of this concept is increasing from day to day, since most of people comprehend patriarchy as an ideology against women. However, patriarchy is a social system that denies masculine access to full emotional well-being too. In this case, patriarchy is a common problem for men and women. Thus, humans should change their attitude to each other, while patriarchal ideology can cast doubt on the existence of future generations. Nowadays, women are struggling with men for the equality. This fight has already influenced the growth of aggression, abhorrence, and strict violence. In the near future, society can incur the depopulation, while men and women are struggling. However, the fight should not be external; it should be internal, especially in human minds, while people should identify their personal social roles lessening the global power of patriarchal ideology and control.


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