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When writing a paper, you will never get away with copying and pasting directly from sources. While there will be occasions in which a direct quote is entirely appropriate, most professors will ask you to keep them to a minimum. Instead, you will need to do a lot of paraphrasing when you want to include information from important sources. This is a lot harder than it seems which is why you should seek rewriting assistance from Essays-Experts.com. Just write us a message that says, “I need help in rewording my paper” and our professional writers will take it from there!

If writing a paper were as easy as copying sources word-for-word, everybody would be doing it. But in academia, it is important that the work be written in a unique way, even when outside sources are being used. Our professional paraphrasing help is the perfect solution when you are having difficulty with taking text and rewording it in a way that avoids plagiarism issues. Indeed, plagiarism-free rewriting is the key if you want to receive a good grade.

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During the course of your academic career, you are bound to be assigned research papers. However, the purpose goes beyond collecting information and stitching it together. You have to be able to synthesize the material. This means using critical thinking skills, strong writing abilities and proper citations.  Our content rewriting services are perfect when these occasions arise. If you lack the experience of writing research papers that require you to perform a rewrite, here are some common misunderstandings that you should be aware of:

  • As a rule, when you are paraphrasing, everything that you are rewriting needs to be expressed in your own words. The only exception is when you are dealing with highly technical words and legal jargon that cannot be properly rephrased without changing the entire context of the message. It is important to take this rule seriously. Some students thing that if they change one or two words in the sentence, that will be sufficient. They learn the hard way when they get called into the instructor's office and have to explain why they plagiarized the work.
  • Along the same lines, citing a source does not give you free license to copy the sentences word-for-word. You still need to paraphrase since professors will consider any direct lifting of material to be plagiarism.

We Offer the Best Rewriting Services Online

When you are in need of assistance with rewriting sentences and paragraphs, Essays-Experts.com is the website for the best rewording service. Here are the rewriting services that we offer:

  • Paraphrasing

Our paraphrasing rewriting services are one of our most popular features. This involves taking text from books, scholarly papers and publications and rewording them in a way that makes them unique while maintaining all of the important ideas and concepts. This is ultimately necessary if you want to avoid plagiarism. Given that plagiarism can get you expelled from school, it is important to appreciate the skill of rewriting.

  • Writing

Our full article rewriting service can assist you with creating new content based on the sources that you use while maintaining the meaning of the important information contained in these materials.

  • Editing

Our rewriting services also include editing that can provide suggestions when you need help with paraphrasing.

  • Proofreading

Our proofreading services are essential when you want your paper to look its best! Our team of editors can look through your essays and fix any grammatical or spelling errors. They can also make sure that the paper flows in a logical manner.

  • Formatting

When your professor requests that your paper be formatted according to MLA, APA, or any other academic style, these instructions need to be taken seriously. We have experts who can fix any formatting issues and ensure that your citations are properly written.

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Additional Reasons to Order Our Academic Services

When you need assistance with paraphrasing your papers or rewording them based on your professor's recommendations, Essays-Experts.com is always here to help. You will never have to worry about plagiarism or forgetting about citations again. Here are some of the reasons why thousands of customers choose us over the rest:

  • High quality at low prices: We know that your finances are limited. This is why we provide our academic services at a price you can afford.
  • We offer a variety of free services: When you order a full-fledged custom paper crafted by one of our professional writers, we offer our proofreading and editing services for free!
  • Experienced and qualified writers: Concerned that your paraphrasing abilities are subpar? We have a professional writer who can ensure that your papers are rewritten in the best way possible.
  • Top-notch customer service: Our customer care agents are highly knowledgeable and work 24/7 to assist you whenever you need it!

Read to Make an Order? Here Is How!

  • Click the “Order Now.” Fill out the details specifying what services you require and include the academic level, page length, and due date. You should attach any materials that will allow your professional writer to do carry out your requests.
  • Pay for our services. We accept most major credit cards and PayPal. All payments are completely secure.
  • Receive your order according to the deadline. Once your rewriting is complete, we will send it to your account on our website and it will become available to download. We can also email you a copy if you wish.

Ordering the best rewriting services is only a few clicks away and is so affordable that you will come back over and over again!

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