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Literary Text Editing Online Services

The task of literary editing is to help the author to convey the main arguments and thoughts to a reader in the most accurate and complete manner so that the reader perceives them with interest and never faces any difficulties in the process of reading.

Copy editing involves thorough work on the accuracy of the word usage, clarity of presentation and expression, stylistic features of the text. Literary editor enforces the linguistic norms, eliminates repetition, makes some accents, etc. It is usually considered who the text is addressed to: the wide audience or specialists in some particular field, adults or children.

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A text written by you may contain tautology and sometimes may be completely incomprehensible to the reader. You may not have noticed but the literary editor, as the first reader of your text, will help you to identify all wrong issues and correct them.

A specialist edits the existing text without interfering in the content. They are not engaged in the search for information and do not fill the gaps that may be in your text. We can only point out these shortcomings to you. Therefore, if the result you want to get is a text of the highest quality, ensure that the information in it is relevant, clear and well-structured. A well-organized text, plus editing writing and proofreading, - and you will get the product, for which you will not be ashamed.

Online Proofreading Service

The process of proofreading includes correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation and other inaccuracies. The editors online ensure uniformity of writing and design of the various elements of the text (abbreviations, units, links, and so on), the compliance of the rules of the layout, if the text is available in the form of mark up.

An editor corrects some factual, logical, and stylistic errors. This is what constitutes a literary editor’s concern.

What to Choose - Editing or Proofreading?

If you are sure about the quality of your text and just want to spell-check it, unify the different spelling of the same elements - all you need is proof. If you doubt the integrity of its content, you are not out of place to order more serious work on it - the copy editing.

Editing is more expensive than correction because it requires more in-depth knowledge, more broad-minded attitude, logical thinking, and is just consumes more time. Copy editing service includes the correction of style, format, spelling, punctuation, grammar and typing errors. Thus, if you order copy editing, you do not need to order proofreading anymore.

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