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Write a Paragraph

Paragraph writing reflects the way you think and link ideas in your head. Your writing improves when you start thinking logically. Therefore, when writing it is useful to come up with an outline or a draft of the essay in order to monitor the flow of ideas.

  • What Is a Paragraph?

A paragraph combines such sentences that, as a rule, deal with a single idea or topic. Paragraphs constitute a part of any writing, and any writer is supposed to link them coherently to create all different types of assignments (e.g. essays, term papers, dissertations, book/film reviews, articles, novels, etc.). Well-structured sentences help to create a coherent paragraph, and every well-structured paragraph helps to create a good quality paper.

  • Importance of a Paragraph

People learn how to write essay but forget about what is paragraph writing and underestimate the importance of writing each paragraph well. After having written a draft one may divide his or her ideas into separate paragraphs logically, so that they would be clearly connected to each other and the ideas expressed in them would be easy to follow.

  • Structure of a Paragraph

In order to write a paragraph well, one should get to know what it is supposed to contain. As a rule each paragraph should represent an idea, which in its turn should be linked to the main idea stated in the thesis of the essay. One should not possess complicated paragraph writing techniques, it is simply necessary to bear the following rules in mind. There has to be a main idea supported by a couple of sentences and followed by a concluding sentence which should also somehow lead to the next idea in the next paragraph.

Each paragraph should be succinct and short so if it begins to take too much space on the page and becomes longer than five sentences it means that the time has come to break it into several separate ones so that the reader could better understand the content. The way you build your paragraphs reflects your logic.

The efforts you make to write a paragraph will result in a perfect essay. Creating a quality essay implies writing each paragraph professionally. The sequence of the sentences should be logically determined and connection between ideas should be easy to follow. Transitional or so called “linking” words will bring your writing to the next level. It is vital for writer to follow that the paragraphs he writes remain concise and clear. The paragraphs should be linked with each other. It can be achieved via using such words as “moreover”, “in addition” and “thus”. It will help a reader to follow the ideas more easily.

Different ways exist to connect the paragraphs of the essay. One can use simple connectors familiar to everyone since schooldays like “or”, “and”, “but” and “that is why”. The other way is to apply the connectors which are more complex like “nevertheless”, “conversely”, “notwithstanding” and “irrespective of”. The level of the language use is reflected on the way you use connectors: properly and wisely chosen they will make you sound reasonably, but in case you use too much of them even where they are not necessary they will look like junk words and will only distract the reader.

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However, a writer should not forget that his or her aim is not to write each separate paragraph but rather to build a coherent essay. All main ideas of the writing should be represented in the topic sentences of the paragraphs so that by reading them one could get the meaning of the whole essay.

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