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«Head & Shoulders» - Great Essay Sample

«Head & Shoulders»

Head & Shoulders launched their new shampoo line – it is defined as lemon fresh, with more specifications coming from the advertisement - it has the lemon fragrance. Lemon is generally associated with freshness, cleanness and pleasant smell. The layout of the picture includes a bottle of shampoo, with the brand name clearly readable, as well as the name of the very shampoo. The bottle is positioned in the bottom right corner, leaving most space to the main characters in the picture. Shampoo is placed on the background of running water, which tells us of how clean everything is, and it is also surrounded by lemon halves, making the visual effect even stronger.

The key to the main picture lies in the product motto. Head & Shoulders assures us of the almost 100% dandruff-free hair and the fragrance that will last for a long time. Young man and woman, either a dating or a married couple, make the main appearance of the entire advertisement. The text in the advertisement tells us that the woman is the one in charge of decision-making in this couple, at least in the particular case. The man needed her consent, or even permission to go to the boys’ night out. He must have put in a great deal of efforts before, but they were all vain. Here comes his life-saving option – all-new Head & Shoulders Lemon Fresh Shampoo. It gives the man’s hair the perfect natural gloss, but he cannot use it while hugging the girl. He needs something else, and this is the fresh lemon fragrance he carries after using the shampoo. This smell literally melts her heart, applied together with a hug.

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The company’s marketing analysts aimed to show the men, seeing this advertisement, the power and influence using this shampoo would give them over their counterparts, meaning girls and women. This advertisement tells its audience things could be different if they used this shampoo. Personal hygiene recedes into the background, stressing the social importance of the shampoo usage.



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