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«Hollywood Diet Bread Advertising» - Great Essay Sample

«Hollywood Diet Bread Advertising»

I deem it my duty to fill you in about the controversial situation around our advertisement for “Hollywood Diet Bread”. As you may have already heard, the recent release of Consumer Reports labeled that ad of ours as “misleading”. We would like to determine whether such claims constituted a misunderstanding and whether our ad presented an accurate and unbiased account of “Hollywood Diet Bread” and its nutritional qualities.

As you all know, the Hollywood Bread Company markets two products: "Hollywood Bread" and "Hollywood Diet Bread". Both breads are produced using identical recipes and production processes; they are also sold at the same price to consumer. The only difference is that “Hollywood Diet Bread” has more slices per loaf. Providing that the nutritional value of both loafs of bread is identical, there is no difference between the two in terms of the amount of calories. However, the amount of calories in each separate slice stands in a reverse relationship to the amount of slices in the loaf. Consequently, our claim in the ad that "Hollywood Diet Bread” has fewer calories per slice" is true, since “Hollywood Diet Bread” has more slices and its slices are smaller than those in “Hollywood Bread”.

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The reason why some observers found this representation of our product misleading may be explained by an extra effort that it took them to estimate the amount of calories in each slice. Such observers may have been quick to assume that, since the breads were reportedly identical by nutritional content, there could be no difference between them by the amount of calories per slice. Their assumption would make perfect sense if the amount of slices was indeed the same for both products, which was not the case here. It appears that their failure to take into consideration this fact led to the confusion and the faulty inferences in regards to our ad.

To sum up, we are convinced the recent complaints in Consumer Reports over the misleading nature of our ad for Hollywood Diet Bread were the result of misunderstanding and logical error. Therefore, we suggest that this ad be left unchanged.



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