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«Levee Tan» - Great Essay Sample

«Levee Tan»

Levee Tan & Laundry is situated in West Lafayette, Indiana, Brown Street, 322. This company was founded in 2001and it is a privately held company. It has an annual revenue of approximately $3 million, and 10 to 20 people work there. Major competitors of this company are other service laundries, which are located near West Lafayette. These include A Mega-Tan, A Total Tan, Big 10 Tan, One Minute Tan, and Larry Paul Tanning Centre. However, because of the quality of its services, Levee Tan & Laundry is the best tanning salon among other companies. It is proven by the majority of clients, who used its services.

This company tries to provide its clients with the best services and the best packages of services. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It offers laundry cleaning services, dry cleaning services, and tanning services. Levee Tan & Laundry made the advertisement together with the radio station Wazy Z 96.5. This radio station airs from the tanning salon, enjoying the clients. Customers are able to get laundry and tan coupons. While doing their laundry, the clients can use free Wi-Fi, chat with someone they like or use the Internet for other purposes. Everything is done for clients’ convenience.

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The company employs only friendly and knowledgeable staff. One can get a tan with the help of the mixture of light (UVA or UVB) or with the help of the UV-free tanning booth. The company can offer its clients five levels of tanning and European comfortable beds. Trained staff at this company will help every client to choose the lotion which is perfect for him or her. The target group of people of this company is Caucasian people. Levee Tan & Laundry gets positive feedbacks from its clients and this fact is not surprising!


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