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«Research Project: Advanced Medical Technology Association » - Great Essay Sample

«Research Project: Advanced Medical Technology Association »

Healthcare Project Analysis


The task of any healthcare establishment is confined to increasing the level of living standards, patients’ welfare, and overall quality of healthcare services. Therefore, the needs assessment analysis is always a good opportunity for healthcare organization to define the lapses and challenges and immediately eliminate those. In this context, the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) is a healthcare trade association that deals with the production and delivery of medical equipment for improving healthcare and patients’ welfare. Three major gaps have been identified during the needs assessment which should be improved, including the issues in human resources management, testing procedures, and quality of equipment.

Description of the Organization

The AdvaMed seeks to advance medical technology in order to reach higher living standards and healthier economies all over the world. The organization’s membership has approached almost 300 members and over 80 employees with the global presence in the countries of Europe, as well as China, India, Brazil, and Japan (AdvaMed, 2016). AdvaMed’s state-companies vary from the largest ones to the smallest technology innovators. The association acts as the common voice for the organizations producing diagnostic products, medical devices, and information systems. The company focuses predominantly on promoting technological innovation to healthcare organizations. Managers and producers are dedicated to delivery to physicians the most effective tools for treating and diagnosing their patients. The central aim of AdvaMed is to develop medical technologies for more than 7,000 companies in the United States, which contributed to 80 % increase among patients for the advance in medical technologies during the last decade (AdvaMed, 2016).

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The association’s headquarters are located in Washington, but it has subsidiaries all over the world in different countries. Since the company deals with industrial technology, the attention should be paid to the technologic development of for both rural and urban locations. Innovation allows patients for living longer, healthier and productive lives. The organization has about 100 employees in a highly competitive business that requires constant progress through improvement and innovation. AdvaMed focuses on the highest ethical standards, appropriate reimbursement, rapid product approvals, and developed access to international markets (AdvaMed, 2016). The policies supported by the association are adjusted to the specific issues within the device industry, as well as a necessity for strategic government policies, which could be applied to all the high technology, high value sectors contributing to the robust economic growth, and high level of services delivery. The association is confined to providing an avenue for developing collaboration between industries specializing in medical technology, supports for public policies reflective of company’s vision and mission, improving awareness of the great production of the industry, and offering educational opportunities to promote medical technology innovation.

Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis

When it comes to the analysis of the quality of technologies proposed for physicians as the tools for improving health standards, several factors should be taken into consideration. To start with, the association ought to be concerned with the level of radio frequency which is emitted by the technology they produce and supply to healthcare centers. Hence, AdvaMed has introduced the assessment of radiofrequency, particularly heating level in the magnetic resonance environment for passive medical devices. In this respect, there should be a list of gaps and changes which could be improved (Advanced Medical Technology Association, 2016). The association needs to consider recommendations and analysis on the part of other organizations, such as Food and Drug Administration, in guiding radiological health devices. Furthermore, it has been reported that AdvaMed is pleased with the guidance because it has concerns regarding the insufficient clarity in certain fields of the research. Several areas and recommendations have been defined for improving clarity.

AdvaMed encourages the FDA efforts to develop an assessment paradigm which correlates with the standard test methods for radiofrequency-induced heating on near multi-configuration medical devices which are used in the magnetic resonance environment. The approach is much appreciated to decrease the percentage of possible device combinations and configurations to a number for testing and evaluating the RF-induced heating. The FDA efforts at providing control and guidance to estimate radio-frequency device heating is introduced. Furthermore, the association faces complex issues in delivering the medical devices for pediatric patients suffering from disease. These complex issues should be addressed to receive reactions, comments, and recommendations from other associations, such as Federal Register Notice (Advanced Medical Technology Association, 2016). In this respect, it should be admitted that the company lacks information regarding how much adaptation and modification occurs to cope with pediatric patients’ treatment, as well as public workshops on pediatric technology development. The company supports Needs Assessment Project initiated by the FDA because assessment should be aimed at capturing and analyzing the patients who suffer from device needs (Advanced Medical Technology Association, 2016). The company also recognizes the initial assessment will fail to provide a comprehensive and full analysis of the gaps in introducing pediatric device needs, along with the scenarios associated with off-label use and identification of the current devices, being a critical important start.

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Finally, although the company is focused on clients’ welfare and the delivery of innovative and safe technology to the hospitals for improving the living standards and quality of care, the attention should also be paid to the leadership and employee engagement concerns. This is issue is poorly addressed because reports are focused only on the necessity to introduce improvement into the technology production process. The analysis of these dimensions must be introduced to define the level of human resource management in the company.

Intervention and Recommendations

Before introducing a performance appraisal analysis, the attention should be paid to other systematic reviews of assessing the quality of medical technology production. The point is that health technologies do not belong to the category of vaccines, medicines, or clinical procedures, but they are still significant for patient and improvement of the treatment techniques for many conditions and diseases. At the same time, technology testing involves many risks for patients, which is proved by many research studies (Kramer, Xu, & Kesselheim, 2012). Therefore, the task of the AdvaMed is to provide sufficient training to employees and testing procedures for enhancing the quality standards and ensuring other hospitals that they must be provided with guarantees regarding the quality of the products they receive.

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Furthermore, the medical technology association should attain much more important to the human resource information system, which is a software network that contains a database along the storage and processing of information regarding employees’ personal data are provided. Human resource planning is often underestimated in the majority of organizations as the significance which is not recognized. According to Khera and Gulati (2012), “being an information system of human resources, it can store voluminous data about the employees, that not only helps in identifying the occupied and unoccupied positions but also whether the person at particular position is fit for the job or not” (p. 12). Additionally, the presence of human resource information system contributes to the healthier decisions and effective control and supervision of manpower. This situation can contribute to reducing different costs, such as recruitment and labor costs; instead the budget could be redirected for research and technological advancement, which is especially important for IT companies.

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Rationale for the Proposed Interventions

Cultural Aspect

Specific cultural peculiarities should be taken into consideration when it concerns the cultural dimension in approaching technological advances and the role of employee engagement in development of the state-of-the-art technologies which should be improved through the new ethical and moral standards accepted at the hospital. Little information is found on the training and developing programs (Mechanic, 2002). The necessity of introducing these development issues could redirect the employees and introduce a fresh insight into the managerial process.

Social Factor

Radio frequency analysis contributes to corporate social responsibility policy which is insufficiently presented at the AdvaMed. In this respect, it is recommended to address the integrative model of assessing health technology level which is introduced in the studies by Currie (2012). The analysis of these skills and approaches could be used for understanding how the network could be helpful for coping with economic, market, technology, and political evaluation and social transformation. The author has provided an analytical tool for healthcare professionals, policy-makers, and other stakeholders for evaluating and understanding the scope and scale of health technology implementation and adoption at local and regional levels.

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Health Legislation

When it concerns the development and integration of healthcare and medical technologies, health legislation should introduce specific norms and standards for these introductions to guarantee safety and security of patients who make use of those technical advances. In order to understand how health legislation affects the quality of the technological innovation, the relationship between physicians’ adoption of technology and environmental market features should be explored. The studies by Menachemi et al. (2012) have promoted their outlook on the research of the market environment, such as dynamics, complexity, and munificence, as well as how it can influences the EMR adoption monitoring for several practice and physician characteristics.

Improvement Plan

Stakeholders and Their Role in Implementing the Plan

As it has been briefly outlined above, the company should pay attention to three major dimensions, such as safety of the medical technologies produced, the testing and training programs analysis, and human resource management. To start with, the first domain requires the involvement of non-profit and governmental organizations, for instance, the FDA and the World Health Organization which could monitor the quality and level of radiofrequency emitted by the medical technologies proposed by AdvaMed. Other standards of technologies introduced should be taken into consideration. The second dimension relates to the testing procedures which should be carried out at the in order to ensure the quality and validity of the medical devices delivered to other medical organizations (Murdoch & Detsky, 2013). In such a way, it will be possible to understand what technological lapses and gaps exist to immediately eliminate those.

Finally, human resource management network should be improved to pay attention to the organizational culture and employees’ involvement and motivation to contribute to technological innovation. In this case, the company could trace the working environment outside the company to search for fresh blood. The research studies should also relate to the inner environment in which employees constitute the major group of stakeholders affecting organization’s productivity, reputation and performance. As soon as these requirements are fulfilled, it is possible to understand what financial and staffing problems could be solved.

Finance and Staffing Elements

The financial problems could be solved as soon as the company invests into the development of efficient online database for storing and processing confidential information related to employees’ personal background. The financial question should also concern the testing and training procedures which must be included into the improvement process and needs assessment analysis.

Marketing Communication Plan

The major message of the plan is confined in defining how gaps in human resource management can affect the quality of medical technology production. The task of leaders is to develop the testing standards that adhere to the international ones. The second goal of this plan implies the development of new training programs for employees who should be ready for accepting and introducing shifts into the production process. In such a manner, the company will be able to enhance its competitive advantage over other companies producing medical devices. The staff should be completely involved into the production process, offering fresh and creative ideas (Kellermann & Jones, 2012). Finally, the research practices should be implemented to check the level of radiofrequency of the technology. This aspect will provide numerous benefits for the company. First of all, it can allow the company to introduce new corporate social responsibility policies and ethical standards. Second, the company can advance the quality of the technologies it proposes. The attention to this sphere is always essential because it introduce new schemes and ways for employees to enhance their professionalism and experience, as well as open space for self-development.

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Plan for Measurement Effectiveness of the Intervention

Striving to improve regulatory environment and influencing the reimbursement policy can contribute to the improvement of value creation and innovation. Medical products should focus on the external market, including their demands and preferences (Lupton, 2012; Lupton, 2013). Therefore, three dimensions chosen can meet the challenges which are met by healthcare sphere in the United States. Specifically, the shifts in awareness and standards improvement could be carried with reliance on three major spheres: (a) consolidation, which ensures collaboration and partnership of hospitals that agreeing to work with AdvaMed; (b) information technology management, which adds to the overall value of healthcare services; and (a) a person-oriented approach, which should concern both the client and the employee (Moses et al.,2013). The factors create pressure, leading to the development of new purposes for attention, personal care, and choice. The measurements of outcome and cost are supplying personal demands and preferences. Physicians should be ready to substitute social goals with the individual one, which could stabilize the situation in general.


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AdvaMed is among the most successful trade association which specializes in production of medical devices and technologies for hospitals. They also offer efficient tools for physicians who make use of the equipment for treating patients who suffer from rare disease. Technological advancement is the key in attracting the clients, but the quality is still prioritized. Therefore, the company should be more concerned with the possibility of advancing the quality of service through reconsidering the internal environment. Three major dimensions are tackled in this research project, such as technical testing, assessment of radio-frequency and safety, and human resource management techniques. All these dimensions are incorporated into one communication plan that prioritizes the role of employees and their supervisors in improving the situation.


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