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«Eminem Munchausen Syndrome» - Great Essay Sample

«Eminem Munchausen Syndrome»


The struggle to cope with life and the inability to address several issues in life is covered in the story by Eminem. Eminem describes his experience using several verses in his music. The key theme in music is the suffering from Munchausen syndrome, which is classified by him a serious disease that affected his growth and development. The meaning of the syndrome in the song encompasses a wide area of study including the influence and action of his mother. The inability of the mother to provide the basic needs to cater or his personal needs. These issues are paramount in psychology which evaluates the concept mind change and the impact of these Changes in the society.

For Eminem, the challenge as on the mother's inability to provide leading to using him to obtain sympathy from the society. The whole scenarios caused serious mental problem for the singer leading to the classification of the behaviors such as the moving from one town to another a product of the disease. The song covers the various issues of psychology, especially the effect of Munchausen syndrome on the lives of individuals. In addition, the impact of the disease in the decision making process is evaluated and described by eminent in the song with illustrative examples. The item is directly related to psychology because it covers issues of disease and mental choices and development leading to a better understanding of the disease. The disease affects the power of choice and allows sympathy to be used as an exploitation tool rather than negative issues in the society. The reliance on sympathy for survival such as begging in the street can be identified as an aspect of mental retardation.

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Accuracy of the concept

The definition of Munchausen syndrome by Eminem is inaccurate and diverse which is different from the understanding offered by psychologists. The reasoning of Eminem stems from his background rather than the evidence pointing to the syndrome. According to psychologist, Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder with complex behaviors. These behaviors include feigning disease, illness or trauma with the main aim of drawing attention and sympathy. The syndrome has several other names including hospital addiction syndrome. It is a factitious disorder as such use of the name of the song by Eminem creates inaccuracy in information finding and definition of terms. According to Eminem, the inability of his mother to provide the basic needs was as a result of the disorder. That argument I not true because the reason for their constant movement within the cities was as a result of searching for a stable job by his mother. The description of the mothers' movement, as a product of the syndrome, is a wrong development of the concept. However, the use of the son to gain favors and sympathy from the society can be viewed as a product of the disorder. The accuracy of the information provided in the song cannot be verified. Therefore, the opinion of Eminem in the song cannot be clarified to ascertain the basis of the definition. However, from the lyrics of the song it is evident that he refers to various issues as the main cause of the problem with the focus being on the childhood problems.

The argument and the definition of the Munchausen syndrome by Eminem are totally wrong in psychology, but may be right in a secular world. It may be assumed that Eminem was using the term to define personal challenges in life rather than indicate he true meaning of the syndrome. The assumption brings light into the opinion of the musician because it creates the necessary impetus on personal reasoning.  However, in relation to sickness, Eminem is right on the basis of the perceived creation of wrong conception. In the song, he indicates that his mother brought him up with the notion that he was sick which was not true.

It is from this view that the author addresses the issues of discrimination, hate and the impact of the mother’s mental conditions to her son. In fact, he employs direct quotation of his mother argument in the song to create a direct confrontation of issues and the need to break-away from the past to create a new self. The belief that one is sick using premonition and other ideas makes the whole song interesting while also developing the understanding of Munchausen syndrome. The song contains both accurate and inaccurate information on the subject matter posing a serious challenge to the audience when analyzing the information provided by the song. In order to understand the syndrome the song must be viewed through the eyes of his mother because she is the most affected. From Eminem’s stance, it is easy to confuse the two terms and develop a different understanding of the whole situation making the song complex. In conclusion, the song contains both accurate and inaccurate information about Munchausen syndrome. However, in order to understand the song, the main area of focus should be the actions of the mother and not the perception of Eminem. Eminem describes his experience in a subtle and clear way in order to develop his view.

Groups influenced by the song

Eminem writes songs targeting the youth and the chosen songs are not an exception. The genre of music done by Eminem is not listened by the older generation but the younger generation.

Therefore, the terms used in the description of the issues in song may shape the communication and understanding of the youth in the society. The group may use the song to define the mental problem which makes the learning process complex if he perceived meaning is different from the standard meaning. The target group of the music tends to develop its meaning of words based on its use in music making the definition of terms complex. In spite of the challenges posed by different understanding of words, the success of the different definitions use in the society may encourage understanding of the words and encourage their use in communication. The youths are in the learning bracket making the music integral to their learning process especially when dealing new and medical terms. The success of the new terms will depend on their use in the society. However, the definition of the term may be different from the known concept which may create a serious clash of ideas and terms. The song by Eminem is good because it gives the term it true meaning making it essential in teaching the society on the impact of the disease on choice and development. Eminem makes use of his childhood experience to motivate the youth towards accepting the challenges and breaking from the past and enjoying the present situation.

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Personal relevance of the piece

The piece is relevant to the society and to the individuals who understand the differences of language use in music and academics. However, the song addresses the issues of motivation and need for liberation. As a psychology student, the song is helpful when handling the impact of the syndrome to the society especially children brought up in homes with one parent suffering from disease. The argument of the author is based on the understanding of the various issues of development and addresses the function family set-up in growth.  The song has helped me understand the challenges faced by children raised on affected families making the song informative and educative.

However, the success of the song has some challenges when defining the disease. Eminem addresses issues associated with the disease but does not explain the true cause of the disease as well as the solutions to the problem. The song is relevant to learners because of the explanation the impact of the disease on perception and reasoning.  The explanation offered in the song is good because it gives a detailed personal experience of Eminem and help to generate a wholesome view of the situation and offering personal choices resulting from the changes in attitude and desire for liberation. The song has other issues that must be understood to distinguish poverty from the Munchausen syndrome. In conclusion, the song by Eminem offers platform for understanding the disease while also shading some light on the impact of disease on the people surrounding he affected person making the song influential in psychology.


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