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«Protecting the Hypothesis Fallacy» - Great Essay Sample

«Protecting the Hypothesis Fallacy»


In  this paper, I will discuss the bias of  hypothetical fallacies and how they affect people’s overall outlook to life. In trying to reach my objective, I will draw my sources from  internet research.

Keywords: fallacies, hypothesis, bias.

Fallacies are very common in today’s life. They appear in education forums, political debates, the media advertisements normal harmless arguments and other places. What really is a fallacy? The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines fallacy as a false mistaken idea,or an erroneous character, that originate from a biased mode of reasoning. Fallacies are usually based on a wrong or an inference that is not entirely valid, giving them their general deceptive character that is capable of misleading the people subjected to it (Sprague, 2012).

Protecting the hypothesis is a common example of fallacies that people come across especially in academic writing. The person writing the paper or talking persuades the audience  about their side of the argument only. They commonly present themselves in one sided arguments with little or no consideration of the  position that is contrary to their opinion.  Generally, this type of  fallacy is coloured with manipulation of data and fixing of invalid notions to prove one’s side of the argument (Sprague, 2012).

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A good example of a hypothesis fallacy is discussing an argumentative paper. For example, discuss whether Asians are generally good at math or sciences. A hypothetical fallacy will present itself  where a person will seek to prove that if you come from Asia, specifically China or Korea, you must be really good at math and sciences; which logically speaking is far from true because not all Asians are good at math (Sprague, 2012).

In conclusion, it is very important for people to understand  hypothetical fallacies because they are generally logically biased. Notably, if used in writing school papers, they  can cost a student not only  marks  but also their logical reasoning which is sometimes suicidal.


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