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«Social Sciences»

In the book "In a Different Voice" by Carol Gilligan, it talks about women development. The book ushered in a new era of how humans think and behave. Women were considered by men to be psychologically inferior but morally developed than men. (Gilligan, 1982) According to the book women are developed morally to a degree that their moral judgment were enacted mostly on the psychological events of a relationship rather than the mathematical logic of rules and rights.

Gilligan believes that psychology should think of women as being equal to men. She also takes into contemplation that women can also think in different ways like ways of justice and men can think in ways of concern. (Gilligan, 1982)Gilligan found out that when men are asked about themselves they always speak in singular, and they use statements like “I”. She came up with this phenomenon that women fantasize about relationship and men they fantasize about slaying dragons.

Various researches of feminist epistemology and the philosophy of science disputed in that the dominant knowledge and practices have disadvantaged women by; doing away with women in any inquiry, refusal of epistemic authority, degrading their feminine styles and modes of knowledge, coming up with theories that women are inferior etc. (Gilligan, 1982) The major concept of feminist epistemology is of a situated knower and of the situated knowledge, the knowledge that echo particular point of view of the subject.

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The negative implications of allowing such studies are that men will always dominate and will always rule. Women will always be put down and will never have any say about anything without a man intervening and judging.


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