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Questionnaires are used to collect information for research and survey purposes, often to support marketing activities, to analyze, and/or to even support the results of other research. Using a questionnaire is one of the most feasible and inexpensive ways of collecting data. For a questionnaire to be truly effective, it is worth remembering that it needs to be well designed. In many cases, having a good sample questionnaire to use as a guide can be a great help in formulating effective questionnaires.

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Upon examining a sample questionnaire you will see that the usual design involves a sequence of questions accompanied by fixed answer options. The answer options can be comprised of dichotomous format (two answer options only), several options, or rating scale options. All that is required of respondents is to tick the answer they think is most applicable or appropriate.

Whether you use questionnaire templates or a free-flowing design, every questionnaire needs to be specific in its objective. Each question should to be clear and it should mean the same thing to every type of reader. Direct, straight-to-the-point questions are a better option than obscure or ambiguous questions.

Remember that respondents may find it difficult to complete questionnaires that have complex structures and formats.

  • It is perfectly acceptable to use long questions provided they have a similar format because this means that participants are not forced to work out how to address different question types and/or are not given an excessive amount of options in respect of relevant sections.
  • Remember to only collect data that is relevant to your study. Put another way; do not ask for personal information that is not needed to carry out a particular piece of research. Where participants are offered anonymity, you should make sure you do not include information that may reveal their identity.

Since writing questionnaires is a combination of science and art, it can help to use examples or templates to make the task easier. In fact, we have an even better solution. Should you choose to use the writing service offered by Essays-Experts.com there will be no need for you to complete complex assignments like these by yourself.

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It is not particularly easy to write a good questionnaire, but the team at Essays-Experts.com is able to complete these tasks in a professional manner. When you ask us to write questionnaires, we pay careful attention to each document’s appearance and make it look dynamic and interesting. Indeed, the originality of a project is what we care most about since your chance of success will be reduced if a professor deems your work to be inferior quality, or worse, full of plagiarism. Therefore, when we are creating each questionnaire, we arrange the content in a neat and logical manner and we use arguments and facts from only the most reliable and latest sources.

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